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Scuba Diving on a Rig

February 1, 2014 LifestyleTravel  No comments

Scuba diving is a fun, adventurous activity for those that love the ocean. There are many different places where people love to scuba dive, including coves, coral reefs and bays. A location that you may not have thought of when planning your next diving adventure is diving from an oil rig. There are oil rigs located all over the world and this can be a great dive experience for more advanced divers.




Your Accommodations ❤

Oil rigs that offer diving typically have standard accommodations for your trip. Because oil rigs are typically located hours from the coast, you can expect to have room and board as part of your trip expenses. These will be dormitory style accommodations, but because you will be spending so much time diving, it’s simply a place to catch some sleep before your next dive.


Seaventure Rig Dive Resort in Malaysia



Scuba Diving Malaysia – Seaventures Rig Dive Resort



Depending on how long your trip will be, you will also be given different dive options depending on the rig’s location. If you plan to go rig diving in Sabah, for example, you will be able to choose from different types of areas to dive. Sabah offers many treasures for divers including macro diving, muck diving, wreck diving and a number of artificial reefs to explore. At an oil rig in this location, you will be able to catch a glimpse of a wide variety of species from turtles and morays to eels and blue ring octopus.




sea turtle



Preparing for Your Rig Dive ❤

Diving from a rig is not recommended for those who have little or no experience in diving. For most people who want to dive an oil rig, it is recommended that you have at least 10-15 dives under your belt first. However, you can sign up for seaventures dive courses in Malaysia or other places around the world to get these dives done quickly so you can be fully prepared for a rig dive.

Because rigs around the world all have different landscapes and resident creatures, it is also important to know what dangers rig divers may face from any particular location. It is important not only to find out what dangerous ocean species are in the are, but it is also important to understand the risks of diving near a rig, such as getting scraped by barnacles, low visibility during dives and dives deeper than what you are used to.

In preparing for your dive, it is also essential to understand what equipment you will be using. For many rig divers, full body protection and gloves are recommended. If you haven’t completed a dive with this type of clothing and equipment, you can always try it at one of your favorite diving spots closer to home first to get an idea of how this equipment feels while in the water.

Rig diving is a great way to have some fun while diving and to experience some sea creatures you may have not seen before. As long as you are prepared for the trip, you will have a great time.


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Best Places to Learn Diving in Malaysia

October 12, 2013 LifestyleTravel

If you are looking to take an exotic vacation and learn how to dive at the same time, Malaysia is easily one of the best locations in the world for doing so. Without a doubt, the best destinations for diving are located in the southeastern region of the country, known as Sabah, but there are plenty of great spots all over the east coast. Here is a list of the best places to dive in Malaysia and some pointers on the best diving schools and programs to be on the lookout for when choosing where you want to begin your diving experience.




Sipadan Island

If you are a fan of scuba diving (Tips For Beginner Scuba Divers), then Sipadan Island is absolutely the best location in Malaysia for you. Anyone interested in macro and muck diving should give Mabul Island a try, which is located in pretty much the same area of the coast. Mabul also features fantastic and very exclusive vacation resorts.

Check out Seaventures Rig Dive if you are looking for a great diving resort in the area. It is a five-star diving resort that puts you right in the middle of the best locations for diving, not only on Sipadan, but on Mabul and Kapalai Island as well.


Scuba Diving Malaysia – Seaventures Dive Resort



Layang-Layang Island

The water at Layang-Layang Island is more appealing than the location itself. The resorts on this island are mostly set up on concrete. However, the underwater world is amazing and almost completely untouched and pristine. You’ll probably see the most amazing corals you have ever seen in your life at Layang-Layang.

Avillion is a great diving resort, which is located right off the incredible island of Borneo. If you want to be alone with nature and far from large resorts and tourists, this is the place.


Layang-Layang Island

Layang-Layang Island



Redang Island

Redang is located near the city of Kuala Terengganu, within the Terengganu Marine Park. Many recommend this island as the best places for beginners and people who want to give diving a try, because the conditions are perfect. The water is very calm and easy to access. There are also many places that allow you to experience great dives without having to go very deep. It is also one of the more affordable locations.

Redang Bay Dive Centre is easily one of the most popular dive centers on Redang Island and offers great courses for divers of all experience levels.


Redang Island

Redang Island



Tioman Island

If you are looking not only for Malaysia diving packages, but other fun activities as well, Tioman Island really knows how to spice your visit up. It’s a great island for regular beach fun and other activities such as snorkeling and kayaking. The only real downside to this island is that it is a bit harder to reach than all of the other ones, but this isolation makes it charming as well.


Tioman Island Malaysia

Tioman Island Malaysia


The Tioman Dive Centre is a good choice on this island, which operates out of a gorgeous Swiss-style cottage resort in the island’s main village of Tekek.


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