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Structures That Make Charming Additions to Your Home

February 3, 2013 Furniture ConceptsLifestyle

Homeowners can add charm and value to their houses by having outdoor structures built. Some of these structures are built onto the existing outer walls of the house, while others are designed to be free standing. Not only do these structures add value to the house, but they also create a place where families can relax or gather with friends.

Structures as Outdoor Add-ons
One of the most common items built onto a house is an outdoor deck. A timber deck will be constructed using solid wood planks cut to fit the area it is placed in. The outdoor deck is usually placed so it is adjacent to the back door of the home. A natural wood deck creates warmth and charm for the house by creating an area for relaxation which can be enhanced with outdoor lighting. A deck can be built with rails placed along the sides and steps leading to the ground.

Another common structure added to houses is the outdoor awning. An awning is usually built over an outdoor area which has some type of outdoor foundation, such as a deck or patio. The awning adds charm while also providing shade for the area so people can enjoy being outdoors even in bright sunlight.

Free Standing Outdoor Structures
An outdoor gazebo is designed as a free standing structure which can be placed in the back yard. This building comes with its own roof and sides which have large open areas. This structure can turn any back yard into a place where celebrations can be held. The structure will have an elevated base with steps leading to the interior deck. The walls used around the base are usually created as lattice style walls to allow air to circulate underneath the structure.

An outdoor gazebo can be built as an ornamental structure with decorative trim placed along the side rails and roof. While a natural wood deck is usually stained to enhance the natural wood color, an outdoor gazebo is often painted white to enhance its charm.

An outdoor pergola such as those found at www.supercool.com.my, can be constructed as attached or free standing structures. As a free standing structure, the open frame design can be placed over paths leading to garden areas. As an attached structure the covered frame design can be placed above outdoor patios or walkways placed in between the house and garage to provide shade and protection from rain.

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