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Recommended Law Courses for Engineers

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For students who are mechanically inclined, engineering is one of the most popular degrees to pursue while at university. This is because engineering focuses on the scientific application of building, designing, maintaining, and improving upon structures, machines, and physical inventions.

In today’s fast-paced world, though, engineering is not just about making innovative technology. Now, with contracts, patents, rules, and regulations, engineers entering the job market after university need to have a thorough understanding of the law.

For these reasons, engineering students should consider taking law classes while at university. Popular law courses for engineers include courses in intellectual property, litigation, and policy.


Intellectual Property ©

One of the most popular law-related fields of study for engineers is intellectual property. Intellectual property is more commonly referred to as patent law. For engineers interested in inventing their own machines, structures, or solutions, a thorough understanding of how to properly patent your invention is needed. This is because engineers with a thorough grasp of patent law and its complex verbiage are better able to convert their inventions into serious money, because they can sell their creations or improvements to larger third parties.

Unfortunately, though, most engineers are not equipped with the writing ability or legal knowledge needed to create an effective patent. Taking classes in intellectual property, then, will teach you the skills needed to critically analyse the law, as well as help you figure out how to describe the capabilities, mechanisms, structure, and purpose of your invention in law-related terms.


Patent Attorney’s Advice on How to Protect Your Brilliant Idea



Environmental Law ✚

One of the fastest growing fields in engineering is environmental engineering. Whereas engineers in the past did not concern themselves with how their creations harmed (or helped) the natural world, environmental engineers are now actively engaged in helping the natural world and atmosphere.

Similarly, politicians and policymakers are concerned with the current state of the environment, too, and have mandated and instituted a number of mandates and laws aimed at improving pollution levels and global warming. For engineers wanting to work with the environment, having up-to-date knowledge about these emission laws and pollution requirements will serve you well as you attempt to find ways to help the world’s ecosystem.


AUT Law School environmental law expert Vernon Rive discusses our commitment to climate change and raises some of the burning issues we face.



Policy Law ✤

If you are an engineering student interested in working with the government, taking classes in government policy offers two unique benefits: First, policy law classes explain how the government thinks about the engineering profession and how it creates the laws that regulate and limit engineers. Secondly, policy courses will teach you how the government works collaboratively with engineers on public works projects, public buildings, bridges, roads, and with the military.


Policy, Law and Ethics with Marc Goodman


Whether you are interested in pursuing entrepreneurial engineering, environmental engineering, or working for the government after university, taking law courses while you are an engineering student is a great way to obtain new knowledge that will be crucial to your future success. This is because the law interacts and engages with engineering in a number of unique and complex ways. Understanding this relationship, then, is just as important for aspiring engineers as a class in electrical design.

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Take a Business Law Course at a Malaysian Law College

May 17, 2013 Education GuidesLearning Life

Many future college and graduate students find it hard to choose a career path. Some careers are becoming outdated while others are just starting to shine. If you’re looking for the perfect career that can stand the test of time, consider becoming a lawyer.

While a bachelor of law course requires a great deal of time and effort, the financial rewards are well worth the hours of studying and testing. A career in the law field can be especially rewarding in Malaysia, where the economy continues to grow, and social and cultural changes are taking place on a daily basis.

How to Choose a Law Course 
There are many colleges and secondary institutions that provide law courses in Malaysia. Many of them are based in major cities across the country. There are a few factors one should consider when choosing a law course:

– Quality of Education: The quality of education that students receive while taking a bachelor of law program is very important. In order to obtain a good job in the field of law, students must know the ins and outs of the Malaysian legal system, and must have superior critical thinking skills.

– Reputation: Businesses and government agencies normally hire people who have graduated from a well-known university. Apply to universities who’s law programs have solid reputations. Because these schools will likely be very competitive, make sure you have done everything possible to increase your chances of acceptance.

– Affordability: Not all students can afford to go to the top university. Because of this, make sure you have enough money or can obtain financing that allows you to attend the university of your choice. If you can’t obtain extra funds for your chosen law school, choose a college that will give you the best education for your budget.

Malaysian Colleges With Law Programs

One of the best examples of top law schools in Malaysia can be found at They offer a number of degrees in different law concentrations and are known for their quality faculty members and high academic standards.

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Brickfields Asia College Provides The Certificate in Legal Practice CLP

Brickfields Asia College Provides The Certificate in Legal Practice CLP


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