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What Are Military Boarding Schools Like?

August 16, 2013 Education GuidesLearning Life

Before deciding whether an international boarding school is the right choice, many people want more information. What exactly happens at those military boarding schools? Do they offer any real benefits to students? Perhaps most importantly, are these schools a safe choice for students who have no experience with the military lifestyle? These are important questions, and it’s difficult to paint these schools with a broad brush. Some are different from others. In general, though, military boarding schools are highly structured. They have a rigid system of rules, and they expect students to operate based upon a specific code of conduct. These things can be very rewarding to many students.


Military Boarding Schools Provide Diversity

One of the most common misconceptions about military boarding school is that it’s a place where lily white people get together to study. This is not true of most military boarding schools. Because of diversity recruiting programs, many of these schools feature a wide range of different people from different backgrounds. This means that students will get to experience culture, and they will get to make friends from different parts of the world. Though not every military boarding school provides this atmosphere, many of the best schools do just that.




Scheduling is Rigid

One of the most impressive features in a military boarding school is the relentless scheduling. Students are expected to wake up quite early, and they’re told where to be through most parts of the day. This does not mean that every minute of the student’s schedule is structured. In some cases, students have free time to do the things they want to do. For the most part, though, a military boarding school will set out the student’s day to day activities in a manner that’s highly intentional. This teaches students to be punctual and responsible.




Physical Activity is Important

Military boarding schools offer students the ability to learn, and they require students to stay physically fit. Different schools have their own approaches to student fitness. Some will require students to do training a few days of the week. Others will have optional classes and fitness tests throughout the year. While some high school students in other kinds of schools will focus mostly on their studies, military boarding school trains both the body and the mind. This is truly in the military tradition. Students won’t be going through boot camp, though. The physical training is typically quite reasonable.





Classes are “Normal”

Some might think that military boarding schools put their students through a host of military-style leadership classes. Though these courses are available at most schools, the class load is quite normal by traditional standards. Students will still learn the big subjects. They will still have to navigate math and Shakespearean literature. Parents who send their kids to boarding schools (such as this POWIIS Boarding School) will not have to sacrifice anything in the quality of education. In fact, many of these schools are thought to be at the top of the chart in terms of the total student experience. Best preliminary education guide for parents: 5 Steps to Prepare Children For Boarding School




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