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9 Basic Hair Care Tips for Beautiful Healthy Hair

February 9, 2013 Hair CareWellness

Women nowadays are much more focused on how to have an intensive hair care. Giving a daily attention to their hair is indeed a day-to-day routine for many females. Women are not satisfied just to shampoo, conditioner, and wash their hair. Giving the best maintenance is definitely a practice of all women, which brings out the best in their hair. The help of a professionalized salon with their best cosmetic brands are some of the techniques that they must also consider. Considering also the top beauty store is one of the methods used today. Choosing a good quality cosmetic brands and the proper usage of these products at one’s preferred beauty store is one of the important things that will help in solving hair matter problems. However, in many cases, these hair cares are much more done at home using the basic methods.

Here is a list of the basic and the best hair care tips for a silky, natural styled, shiny, and healthy hair at ease:

1. Before applying the shampoo, wet thoroughly to avoid breakage and damage to the hair. Apply Korres hair oil solution for a silky and glowing hair after shampooing.

2. Use a cold water to rinse off the shampoo for moisturizing your hair.

3. Use a clean and smooth towel to dry your hair, instead of using a blower.

4. Avoid using brushes on a wet hair as it surely causes breakage and dullness.Watch how to properly comb out wet hair

5. For essential rejuvenation of the natural oils in your hair, brush it from back to front and massage your scalp gently. Apply Korres hair solution to the dry and lifeless hair to lack in fats in the hair follicles and eventually treat hair quickly.

6. For a peeling scalp, try this treatment for 2-3 weeks: Apply a plain rubbing alcohol on a peeling part of your scalp using cotton wad and let the alcohol dry. Brush your hair gently and rinse it with warm water but don’t shampoo it.

7. If your hair is always accumulated by conditioner, styling gel, and hair spray, try to mix a 1-1.5 tablespoon of baking soda on the shampoo that you are using. Rinse hair and let it dry.

8. Beer is one of the secret solutions for eliminating fragments on the hair. Just add 5-7 tablespoons of beer on 1 cup warm water. Pour it on your hair and rinse it well.

9. In braiding, use a soft tie for ponytails to secure the hair and to avoid breakage and dryness.

These are just some of the few home-made tips on how to take good care of the hair, and just follow these steps for a constant and faster rejuvenation of the hair.

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