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Various Benefits of Renting Serviced Offices in Malaysia

March 18, 2013 Business

Serviced offices have become quite common in Cities and Towns. They can be either individual offices, or entire floors that one can rent decorated and well furnished, and usually include secretarial service. Leased or rented office is the best, and the most cost effective way for companies to get immediate access to high spec office space without any hassles of long-term contracts. These office spaces are well furnished and are provided by on lease, and they also arrange all basic facilities necessary in a normal office.

Office Space
The space you can rent is flexible, and extra space can be allocated to you at a short notice, should the size of your business change. On the other hand, if your company wants to downsize for some time, you can relinquish all extra space because in a virtual office, you won’t have to commit for any long-term lease. In a serviced office, the space if fully furnished and tastefully designed with office furniture and equipment.

Flexible Options offers flexible leases, so companies can easily decide how long they want to rent a serviced office. It can be from few weeks to even few years. It’s purely their decision!

What all office services are included in the package?
Mostly, the deal comes with dedicated receptionist, telecom services, administrative support, Internet connectivity and IT infrastructure. Additional services include meeting rooms and on-site car parking. As serviced offices come with fully equipped kitchen and all other amenities important in a office, you will save considerable money on food. Aside from so many facilities, you also get an incredible feeling of privacy when using these offices.

Serviced offices have emerged as an excellent solution for companies re-location or longer business travels. Working environment and location can be a difference between success and failure. Location plays a big role in determining the success of any firm. As you view the potential locations, you can ask questions about flexibility of terms, cost, and facilities that will be available to you. Review the type of equipment that will be offered to you by the company so that you are sure you are getting the best deal.

Mail facilities
Modern offices also need facsimile, teleconferencing, phones to maintain communication links with other offices in the world. Mails can also be sent to your company’s business address located within the business centre. You will also get reception staff to assist your company with mail and call handling.

In conclusion
Serviced office is a flexible, instant and easy way to get access to fully furnished office solution. Whether you are fully established company that is branching out to newer areas, or a small business who is just starting out, serviced office can keep your business flexible, and operating costs low.


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