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Ideal Jobs for Introverts

February 16, 2013 Career CentralLearning Life

People who are introverted often have difficulty dealing with others. This can pose a problem when looking for a job. There are some jobs which are better suited for people who are introverted. Many office jobs can be performed without a lot of interaction with other people. Jobs using computers can also be good for people who have difficulty in situations which require them to be more outgoing and assertive. Among the positions available for introverted people are those found in financial institutions. Finance jobs are available in banks, credit unions and loan companies.

Both finance and these accounting jobs can be performed using the skills required without needing to be aggressive or assertive with others. Almost every company has an accounting department where this type of individual could work in a quiet atmosphere. An accountant keeps the records for the businesses and often works with a computer database. Another job found in the category of finance and accounting is payroll. A payroll clerk keeps track of the employee hours and creates the checks used for payroll. People interested in these positions should become familiar with the computer programs used for accounting and payroll record keeping.

Depending on how introverted a person is, there could be other bank jobs suited to their personalities and skills. A loan officer does deal with people, but does not do any selling and is not required to be aggressive. Bank tellers also deal with people in a subdued and pleasant manner. The bank teller makes whatever transaction the bank member requests. Tellers can also be responsible for gathering any deposits made during the night and crediting them to the appropriate accounts.

Computers have opened up a lot of jobs for people who are introverted. Any company using a database will need to have their client or customer information added to the database by trained personnel. Data entry jobs are ideal for introverted people because they have very little contact with people during the course of their job. The amount of pay for a position will depend on the type of training a person has. A certified accountant or financial planner will earn more money than someone working in data entry. The ability to work for a particular company will also allow the individual the opportunity to obtain medical benefits, paid holidays and job security. With the right training, introverted people can find good paying jobs they would enjoy working at.

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