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How to Choose The Best Baby Formulas

April 12, 2013 Ideal MealsLifestyle

Going to the grocery store can be a big task, but one of the most important things a parent can do for a child is selecting the right baby formula. Sure, there are numerous brands of baby formula on the market, and some offer good deals and coupons to lower the prices. So how does a parent know which one is the best for their child?

Heading to the market will show three general types of formula, pre mixed, powdered and concentrate liquid. Some parents prefer to use the powdered because it tends to be easier to deal with. Powdered will be the least expensive and is more earth friendly because it uses fewer bottles and cans. However; there are parents that favor the premixed liquid, even though it tends to be more expensive. Using the premixed formula is super easy, but there is a cost associated with convenience. Statistics show that in general ready to use formula is about 25 cents more per ounce over the powdered version. Another disadvantage is the formula must be used within a specific period of time, unlike powered, or it will spoil.

Learn more about the different types of formula, such as cow’s milk vs. soy, and what to consider when selecting one for your baby. You’ll also find out how different ingredients may impact your baby’s digestion and help support healthy growth and development.

There is no definitive answer on which formula is best; it all comes down to the child and what their needs are. A doctor can help guide a parent into the needs of the child. While some children may start out on a basic formula, the doctor may switch around their formulas to avoid problems, like colic. In general, there are Cow’s based milk formulas, Lactose-free formulas, Soy-based formulas, extensively hydrolyzed formula and many others. All of these different types of formula are fortified with the right nutrients for different babies. For instance, a child that has lactose intolerance would want to use the lactose free formulas. Getting the doctors opinion on the best formula is wise, especially with newborns.

As far as name brands are concerned, they are all good. The generic are made in factories that product name brands and sold with a discount label, so don’t worry a child is not getting the proper nutrients. There are strict guidelines about what goes into baby formula and all labels must follow these. Trial and error will find the formula that will work best for each child. Thinking that a baby will just automatically go on the traditional formula and never need to change is wishful thinking. A baby will let their parents know which formula works best for them.

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