5 Jobs in Taiping to Start Your New Role

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Image result for Taiping is known as the wettest town in Malaysia

Today, Taiping is known as the wettest town in Malaysia; however, in the 19th century, Taiping was known for tin. Investors flocked to Taiping to take advantage of this new discovery. These days, investors have a new found interest in Taiping because of its beautiful landscape and growth as a destination for fresh graduates to begin a career. Check out these 5 jobs that have a Taiping vacancy that can be your new role.

Tourism Associate

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The Lake Garden and Night Safari Taiping attract thousands of visitors monthly that travel agencies and hotels are seeking tourism associates to bring guests around. Tourism associates will need superb customer service skills and be a great story teller.

Marketing Executive

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Big brands are coming to Taiping Sentral Mall and AEON Mall Taiping. As more Taiping residents are becoming interested in shopping, brands need smart and creative marketing executive who can capture the market share of Taiping.

Personal Banker

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Maybank and OCBC Bank are just a few of the banks opening up several branches in Taiping to cater to the growing population. These banks are seeking personal bankers to sell  their financial products and be the financial advisors to the new residence.


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Taiping’s medical industry is a big one and with more people moving to Taiping, the healthcare industry is in need of more nurses. Nurses are in demand as they provide the service and patient care needed.

Project Manager

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With low rent, factories are opening up all over Taiping. Manufacturing powerhouses like Latexx Manufacturing are seeking project managers to make sure demand, supply and projects are met and done on time.

If you’re seeking a good place to start a career and find a job, Taiping is the place to be. Check out these 5 thriving jobs and get hired in Taiping.

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Zumba Dance Fitness: Is It Really Effective?

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Zumba dance is one of the most popular workouts today. Its slogan is simple: have fun while working out. This enticed so many people who want to keep fit but don’t want rigorous training programs in the gym. It’s so popular that 12 million people around the globe have reportedly performed Zumba with the help of 110,000 sites focused on this Latin-inspired dance workout.


What is Zumba Dance?

The Zumba workout routine is a mixture of dance moves from various styles such as Merengue, Salsa, Flamenco, and Reggaeton. Some Zumba instructors throw in a mix of aerobic steps as well. It is a more entertaining form of workout because the moves are not too complicated and strict.

Your instructor will show you how to move, and you are free to interpret that movement as you can. There’s no judgment here; you can move to the tune as you see fit. You will not be told to follow exact movements such as reach for your toes or bend your knees forward to the lowest it can take you. There are none of these. You will feel like you’re just dancing in a club and having fun.


Sure, Zumba is fun, but is it effective?

According to research led by University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s Dr. John Porcari, Zumba is a highly effective form of exercise. This workout is great for strengthening a person’s core and becoming more flexible because of the hip and midsection thrusts and movements.

The subjects of their study each burned 369 calories on the average, which made this workout a great tool for losing weight as well. According to the Department of Exercise and Sports Science of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Zumba training can burn more calories than step aerobics, basketball, and cardio kickboxing.


It doesn’t matter whether you are fit or not, Zumba can benefit you equally. No two sessions of Zumba dance training is the same, making it exciting and something to look forward to. The more important thing to note is that you are actually having fun while improving your overall health.  

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How to Get to Taiping from Kuala Lumpur by Train

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One way to maximize your trip to Kuala Lumpur is to include at least one small town just outside the city to visit. For this, the city of Taiping in Northern Perak is a promising destination.

Aside from being home to Malaysia’s oldest museum, as well as being a site to countless of the country’s firsts, Taiping is a nature lover’s haven. So if you want to take a break from the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur, catch a train to Taiping.

The Cost of Train Rides from KL to Taiping

As per the 2017 KTM schedule, KTM Berhad has trains going to Taiping every day. You can either ride an ETS Gold train (EG) or an ETS Platinum train (EP). The trip from KL Sentral Station to Taiping Station costs USD 15.37 for an EP ticket and USD 11.65 for an EG ticket.

While EG trains are cheaper, they stop at more stations making it longer for you to get to Taiping.   If you want to save a few bucks and you do not mind the extended travel time, ride an EG train. On the other hand, if you need to get to Taiping fast and would not mind spending a few more bucks an EP train is best for you.

Choose Online Agents When Buying Train Tickets to Taiping

As soon as you have planned your Taiping excursion, book your train tickets online. KTM Berhad has its own online ticket system. However, buying tickets from online agents such as EasyBook.com and BusOnlineTicket.com is more convenient.

Online booking agents update their system on a regular basis. So you can trust for the whole process to be hassle-free. Know that train tickets cost the same across all booking agents.

How to Buy a Train Ticket to Taiping

To book your ticket, just create an account on the agent’s website using your email address. Enter your travel details and choose the ticket that fits your schedule best.

Once you have chosen your train, choose your seat. Proceed to the payment page and pay for your tickets using Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. Once payment has been confirmed, a receipt and your booking details will be sent to you via email. And then you are all set!

Traffic is most challenging in KL from Friday to Sunday. So if you need help picking when to schedule your trip to Taiping, choose these days. You can book a train that leaves KL Sentral station on Thursday evening so you wouldn’t have to brave the traffic on Friday. Check the KTM schedule so you can compare your options. Good luck!

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Cement Your Foothold: Lasting Commercial Floor Coatings

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Heavy construction industries spend a great deal of money on facility maintenance or upkeep. One area that requires periodic inspection is the floor condition of the premises. If you notice, the floors take a beating because of the massive volume of traffic and frenetic business activity on a daily basis. Any cracks or holes can be hazardous to workers and can damage equipment as well.

You have no recourse but to find the ideal but economical solution to protect the working environment. Economical ways are available depending on the type of environment in your facility. Industrial grade commercial floor coatings have come a long way to serve various industries.

What Can Commercial Floor Coatings Do?

Different application environments need a floor coating system. The primary objective is to repair and restore damaged floors of factories, warehouses and service bays among others.

What to Look For in a Floor Coating System?

Choose an established and reliable floor coating company that has the most suitable commercial floor coating system. You will derive savings and minimize maintenance cost if you pick high-quality products.

  1. Durability – resistant to fuels, oils, and other chemicals that cause damage
  2. Safety – texture of the coating system should be slip-free or slip-resistant
  3. Easy cleaning – ease in cleaning so you can save on time and energy
  4. Economical – the true worth of the system should be more than the actual cost
  5. Seamless – the system is not susceptible to gathering dust, moisture and mold formation

Different industrial flooring systems work perfectly well in particular environment and conditions. Let the experts in the business determine your floor and coating need. They are in the best position to design, create and install the most suitable commercial floor coatings.

The best thing about consulting an established professional company is that you can customize the system according to your actual need and work within your budget at the same time. Keeping your floor safe and secure allows you to cement your foothold in the industry you operate.

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4 Good Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To a VPS Hosting Plan For Your Website

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If you have a website that gets a decent amount of traffic every day, it’s highly recommended that you upgrade your server to a VPS hosting plan. In the simplest of terms, a virtual private server is a hybrid between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. A single physical server is partitioned to accommodate multiple virtual servers. The option offers several benefits for website owners. These advantages include the following:

  1. It can be customized to provide features that your website needs

This is imperative especially if your site has an ordering and billing system. You should be able to add programs and other software without compromising the capabilities of your server. This enables you to add features that you need while discarding those that you don’t.

  1. It’s very easy to scale

If you want to upgrade to dedicated hosting, making the transition is quite fast and hassle-free. The switch can take just a few minutes or hours depending on the amount of additional power, space, and bandwidth you need.

3. You have more control over the management of your server

You will have root access to your server. Not only that, you have the capability to use third-party scripts that are not allowed in a shared hosting environment. You get to decide how your server is managed.

  1. Better overall performance

Your website will perform better for the simple reason that it’s hosted in a single private server. You aren’t sharing any of your resources with anyone. This means that your website will have better uptime rate. Your website will load faster in spite of any spike in traffic level. There’s less risk of it going offline.

The bottom line here is that if shared hosting doesn’t satisfy you and you don’t have the budget for dedicated hosting, then it makes sense that you avail of VPS hosting. A virtual private server has all the features and functions you need to efficiently manage a website with a sizable amount of traffic and online influence.

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Benefits of Using a Credit Card to Pay Your Insurance Premium

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Are you paying for an insurance premium on a regular basis? If you do, then how do you pay for it? In Malaysia, most insurance companies accept payments through banks. But let’s admit it. Not everybody has the time to go to the bank. Sometimes, locals banks even have long queues where you will have to wait for an hour before it’s finally your turn to deposit money. The quick fix? Pay insurance premium by credit card. Here are some benefits of doing so:

  1. It’s Convenient Your bank can arrange automatic deduction using your credit card. Setting up automatic payments also guarantees that you do not miss paying your premiums. This can be very helpful especially if you are the type who tend to forget deadlines for bills. Most insurance companies only allow a maximum of a 30-day grace period for you to pay your premium. If you go past the grace period, then it is possible that your policy will lapse. The insurance company has the right to terminate your policy due to excessive delay in payments.
  2. It Saves You Time Because the premium is automatically credited to your account, you do not have to head to the bank or spend time on online banking. It is also easier than writing out a check and driving to the post office to mail it.
  3. It Saves You Money This is by far the biggest advantage of paying your insurance premium through credit card. Most insurance companies offer discounts for paying an entire premium up-front.

Take note that you will not earn rewards by using your credit card to pay for insurance premiums. You may want to ask your bank about this. At OCBC Malaysia, payments to financial institutions and insurance companies are excluded in online transactions or those that were covered with cashback rewards. However, your biggest reward here is the convenience. If you are interested in paying your premiums via credit card, feel free to make an arrangement with your bank.

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