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Natural Baby Care Tips For New Moms Goo

January 10, 2014 Baby & Toddler CareWellness  No comments

A baby’s skin and immune system is very delicate. Many baby products can irritate the skin because they contain dyes, chemicals and fragrances. Fortunately, there are a number of things that new moms can do to protect their baby. Below are some natural baby care tips for new mothers:


Do Not Bathe Your Baby Too Often

Generally speaking, babies who are under the age of one do not need to be bathed more than three times per week. If a baby is bathed too frequently, then the natural oils from his or her skin will be removed. The natural oils protect your baby’s skin. If these oils are removed, then it can put your baby at risk for developing eczema.

Keep in mind that with the exception of diaper changes and drooling, newborn babies do not get that dirty. That is another reason that newborn babies do not need to be bathed that often. Experts recommend giving babies a sponge bath.






Wash New Outfits Before Your Baby Wears Them

Your baby’s outfits should be washed before you use them. You should also wash blankets, bedding and clothing. Make sure that you use baby detergents that are free of dye and fragrances. You will also need to wash your baby’s items separate from the rest of the other clothes.





Protect Your Baby From Bug Bites

Your baby should wear sun-protectant clothing while he or she is outdoors. Sun protectant clothing not only protects your baby from the sun, but it will also protect them from bug bites. When your baby is two months old, you can use DEET-based insect spray.

Babies also need to wear sunscreen when they are outdoors. Their skin is more sensitive, so they are at an increased risk for getting sunburned.


baby sunscreen



Use Natural Products

Most experts advise against using baby products during the early months because the baby’s immune system is still developing. However, if you choose to use baby products, then you should use natural ones. Using natural baby products will help protect your baby from irritating allergens. You should go here for more natural baby products.

Babies require special care because they are so fragile. You will only need to bathe your baby three times per week. You should also wash new outfits before your baby wears them. Additionally, you should protect your baby from bug bites and use natural products.

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