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The Many Benefits of Server Co-location

April 1, 2015 TechnologyWeb Technology  No comments

Server co-location can provide businesses with a number of advantages. However, these will be a bit different depending on the industry that a company is in and how many employees they have working. In addition, the way that workers communicate with each other and clients makes a big difference in how a business should make use of server colocation.


Server co-location is a relatively simple concept. Almost all businesses make use of a centralized server that is used to do things that include storing backups and important information like client databases. They can also be used to run programs that will serve online content like websites and email systems. These are dedicated computers, and the only people who generally have access to them is the IT department.


When a company chooses to co-locate their server, it is sent to a data center. These are generally staffed around the clock and have multiple redundant Internet connections in addition to backup power generators. Server co-location generally comes with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, and most data centers offer hands-on support if a company needs it.


The most obvious companies that can benefit from server co-location are those that interact with their customers online. It is very difficult for a company to host its own website and email as ISPs generally frown on this and take steps to prevent it. However, data centers are fully equipped to handle a company’s online presence, and this can make it much easier for technology-focused companies to have full control over their equipment while keeping it online and available all of the time.



Company server is physical security, only offer access to authorized personnel.


Another great benefit that companies get when they choose to co-locate their server is physical security. If a company’s location is broken into, computers are generally some of the first things to get stolen. However, data centers are usually highly secure and only offer access to authorized personnel. In addition, the sheer fact that they are off site makes servers impossible for thieves to get to.


save space

Server co-location help company to save up their physical premises.


Servers can also take up a lot of physical space depending on how powerful they are. In fact, many companies have a room that is dedicated entirely to housing the server. Co-location can help free up this space which in turn gives companies more room at their physical premises.


Server co-location also makes a lot of sense for companies whose employees do not travel to a centralized location for work. With this, employees are able to log into the main server from anywhere they happen to be and get access to all of the data that they need for work. This can also be a great solution for businesses that have employees who frequently spend time in the field and need to access company information.


Why You Should Consider Server Colocation


In addition, servers can help to free up expenditures in companies that have relatively low IT overhead. They are generally not touched often after they have been set up, and data centers will provide hands-on support if there are any problems. All a company has to do is have the data center fix any issues and restore their system from a backup if there are any problems. This can lead to businesses saving money on expensive IT staff that is needed to run an on-site server.

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Reasons Why You Need a Server Co-location for Your Site

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If you are doing Internet business to any kind of scale, then your distribution platform has to be stable and proficient in handling certain amounts of web traffic. It must also be physically safe from the constant attempts of competition and malicious users who will be trying to steal your intellectual property. For this reason, a server co-location is usually the best option for established companies that need to have a completely separate datastream in order to maintain their business and legal integrity.

Although a co-located server is one of the more expensive options when it comes distribution of online content, there are many advantages that can actually end up saving a company money over the long-term. Here are just a few of those advantages.





– First of all, you can put a co-located server in a physically secure location without losing out on performance.

If a competitor or a malicious user knows where your server is, that entity has more power over you than you may be willing to admit. With a co-located server, you physically protect the data that you have accumulated in the past and are generating in the present. With current server technologies, it is very possible to locate a server in a highly discreet manner without losing out on any performance based on geographical location. This means that you can actually host your data in other countries, far away from any of your competition. This may also protect you legally in other ways depending on the country in which you choose to host your physical server.



Have full ownership and control over your server co-location.


– Secondly, co-locating a server keeps you in full ownership of your data while maintaining your legal integrity.

Having your data distribution platform and your physical business office in the same location is a security breach for many reasons. However, one of the most poignant is that all of your legal protections are in the same place. This makes your proprietary intellectual property that much harder to protect from government entities, believe it or not.

The more that you spread out your legal protection, the more difficult that it will be for a single governmental entity to demand access to your files. As any business person worth his or her salt can tell you, as soon as any record falls into government hands, it is basically public property. Your proprietary intellectual property will be able to be found by any of your competitors at any time. They will have access to it with the ability to copy your most sacred ideas. This is something that you should do before there is even a hint of legal hot water so that you are not blocked from doing it by any government if a problem should arise. Many of the most powerful companies in the world, Microsoft included, have employed this strategy to their benefit. Microsoft, for instance, now does a great deal of business with the government of the United States of America because of the leverage that it has in protecting itself.


Colocation and Dedicated Servers with it’s benefits


– Third, having a co-located server is actually one of the most cost-efficient ways of protecting yourself.

Once your business moves itself past a certain scale, there are certain aspects of physical and digital protections that become too expensive to fully monitor in small-scale operations. You need to have a co-located server in order to centralize security operations without compromising your datastream. This is actually one of the least expensive ways to accommodate your business in this manner – you will only need a centralized security company rather than having to invest in many small security measures that may not allow your network to synchronize itself across all avenues properly.

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The Main Advantages of VPS Hosting

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A virtual private server (VPS) is a type of web hosting that is between shared and dedicated plans. Your VPS account is a fully virtualized and isolated partition sharing underlying hardware with other websites. VPS hosting can provide you with a number of benefits over other options.


Extensive Customization Options

A VPS provides you with an extensive set of customization options. The virtualized environment is fully encapsulated on the server. This means you can change the operating system, the file system and many other options in order to meet the needs of the website or applications running on the server. This is very different from shared hosting accounts where one change to the system affects all websites on the server. VPS hosting services allow for customization of nearly any part of the server software.





Consistent Performance

One of the drawbacks of shared hosting is that every website on a given server must compete for limited resources. If a single website suddenly spikes in usage, then it could cause the other websites on the server to start loading more slowly. A VPS allows for consistent performance at all times. The virtualized environment includes a set amount of resources that are dedicated to just your account. Other virtual servers will not take away bandwidth or memory. Consistent performance means your website visitors will always have a good experience.


Strong Security

Shared hosting comes with a number of security risks. The shared server environment can allow users to probe or even attack another account. You do not have to worry about these types of security issues with VPS hosting services. The partition that holds your website on a VPS is invisible to all other accounts on the server. There is no way for someone without administrative control of the hypervisor to see or access a partition. Attacks against one virtual server cannot spread and affect the other accounts on the system. This improves security if you are running an ecommerce or other type of website that processes sensitive personal information.



A VPS is one of the most affordable web hosting options available today. You get a customizable server with expandable resources and storage for a reasonable price. Hosting services can offer lower prices for a VPS because there is no need to maintain one entire server just to meet the demands of a single client. You are really using an advanced form of shared hosting that gives providers the ability to pool hardware resources. This makes VPS hosting less expensive for providers.



VPS hosting services allow you to scale the server up or down as needed. If your website starts to become popular and grow, then more memory or storage can be added without having to change providers. Resources can often be increased through a VPS without interrupting service since it is really an administrative task done through the hypervisor.


Full Root Access

A final advantage is that a VPS allows for complete and total control of the server and file system. You have full root access to the VPS at all times. This makes it possible to perform very granular changes and modifications to support server-side applications or increase performance. You can even install new applications or libraries whenever necessary. More VPS hosting problems? Ask Gigabit.

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4 Best Server Colocation Tips From Web Hosting Specialists

August 8, 2013 TechnologyWeb Technology

The larger a website gets, the better its server has to be. This can eventually pose a problem for start-up businesses that hit it big. The kind of servers needed to host really big sites are expensive machines with massive cooling, space, and maintenance requirements. Unless a company can afford a room and staff to handle this kind of thing, there’s obviously a bit of a problem. That’s why has put together this guide to choosing a server co-location service. Co-location is an important tool for any smaller business that may need to run a large web site.

Start Local 
When another company agrees to look after another business’s servers, there are obviously a lot of legality issues. To make a long story short, the closer the co-location center is to its customers, the easier it is to fix a messy situation. While most centers have excellent security, it pays to think about the ease of getting in touch with a co-location center nearby, as opposed to one half a country away. This also makes upgrades easy, should they need to be performed.

Ask Friends 
One of the easiest ways to get help with server co-location is simply to ask a friend using the service on what the experience is like, as with most services out there. People actively using a server co-location service are bound to understand how things run at a particular company, and offer advice on whether or not the service makes sense for other businesses.

Consider Features of Specific Co-location Services 
Server co-location centers can vary a lot on an individual basis. Some might offer adjusted cooling depending on the number of machines they’re handling, others might only manage a set number. Some offer free fiber optic external connections, for others, there could be a surcharge. Contact each co-location service before agreeing to anything, and find out the truth about what they offer.

Keep in Touch With Co-location Centers 
When a company decides on which service they’re going with, many stop there, checking in only when necessary. It’s better to ask about constant updates on server conditions, even remotely monitoring temperatures and humidity levels if possible. This ensures hardware is always running at peak levels.

There are many reasons, mostly security-related, to opt for server co-location. Setting up a server in someone else’s company might sound risky, but a variety of major corporations do it, for, in fact, peace of mind.

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What is a Dedicated Server?

May 28, 2012 TechnologyWeb Technology


A dedicated server is your own private server space. It is relegated to you, and you control it, and no one can interfere with it. There are alternatives to having a dedicated server like dealing with shared virtual hosting or something of that nature. Web hosting has the same issues wherever you go. It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, you will still have issues with a dedicated server or virtual private hosting. Reseller hosting is what you sell to those around you if you want to make a cut or a commission off them buying the hosting. You can sell it to your friends. You can sell it to those people around you that really want to have some kind of web presence. A dedicated server is what you get when you want to control everything on your box. You get your own dedicated IP. You don’t have to share the server or server resources with anyone else. Email hosting is what you get when you want to have your own private e-mail address with your domain name. Domain registration is a very important thing to get because you need to have a domain before you can even start a website. Cloud hosting is also very important, because you cannot have a website if you do not have it in the cloud. It has to be backed up there. It has to work wirelessly in the cloud.

A dedicated server is a good idea for people that want to have their own dedicated web presence. It assures that your website will be up 99.99% of the time, and you also don’t have issues with people on your box abusing your IP address. If they do abuse your IP address, then you can move to a dedicated server from a virtual private server. You don’t want to get in trouble because people on your box were doing spam tactics. That wouldn’t be any good for anyone at all. A dedicated server is the answer for businessmen that are serious about getting their website going in an easy way.


More people just reject the basic tenets of hosting every day, and their websites suffer for it. Serious businessmen know that they have to invest a lot of money into their infrastructure, and that includes a dedicated server. If they don’t have a secure presence online, then they will run into a lot of problems over the long run. Too many people just haven’t thought thoroughly enough about what is required to make their website work. They ruin all their time because they make a website, and then don’t get the right hosting for it. The right hosting is very important, and they need to invest in it to make it work. If people don’t get the right kind of hosting, then they can have a lot of problems in the long run. Their site may flounder and eventually peter out. It doesn’t matter what kind of hosting you have if you have the wrong kind of hosting. It can compromise your whole site and bring it down. If you don’t have the hosting that really makes a difference, then you should not even start a website in the first place. It is not really worth it at all. Pop over to this site and get a rough guide on the different types web hosting plans.

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