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Install CCTV In Your Home Like The Professionals

April 1, 2014 Security TechTechnology  No comments

A home security system is a great way to protect your home and your possessions. The presence of home security equipment will often deter crime. The first step involved with installing your own CCTV system is to determine how many cameras you need. Decide which areas you want to monitor and add up the number of cameras required. Choose a CCTV security system that offers the kind of features and performance you want. There are systems designed for indoor or outdoor use. Determine whether you want infrared night vision, wireless and cameras in plain sight or hidden. Choose a security system that includes everything you need such as the DVR and cables. If you need help with installation, make sure the company where you bought the system can help.


How To Choose Security Cameras

IP surveillance cameras are a popular choice since they use Internet protocol to work properly. A wireless IP system will allow you to monitor your home or business from anywhere you can receive an Internet connection. If you plan to monitor the outside of your home, choose a camera system with infrared technology that will allow you to record images at night. However, if you use a lot of lighting surrounding your home, then infrared technology would not be needed. Installing your own security camera system offers you the freedom to determine exactly where to place your cameras.

Install your outdoor surveillance cameras where the roof meets the exterior of your home. This will keep the camera secure against weather conditions, and you will have a good line of vision. The cables and power source can be easily installed between the walls and the roof. The best place to start is in the attic. Make sure you have a backup battery in case your home loses power. A complete surveillance security system can be found for under $500. Compare prices by researching different security system manufacturers found online. Choose a security system that has instructions that seem easy to follow.





Crime Prevention

CCTV surveillance system by Ademco Security is also a great way to protect your home. Most burglars will choose a home that is not monitored by security cameras. CCTV home surveillance systems feature software that must be downloaded to your computer in order to work properly. There are additional steps you can take to ensure your family’s safety such as leaving blinds closed to prevent others from viewing your expensive electronics. Consider installing security sensors on your doors and windows for more security. The idea is to make your home as inaccessible as possible. If you have a large dog, then place warning stickers in plain sight.


Security Tips

Most burglars are looking for homes that are not occupied. If you want to monitor your home while you are at work, it is easy to do from any computer. Make sure you install cameras where you have a good view of the front and back door. Keep landscaping around your home free from overgrowth. If you have a lot of bushes surrounding your windows, then an intruder may decide to enter your home that way. Home security measures should be taken when you go on vacation or you’re away from home for an extended period of time.





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