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4 Good Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To a VPS Hosting Plan For Your Website

June 12, 2017 IT-InternetTechnology  No comments

If you have a website that gets a decent amount of traffic every day, it’s highly recommended that you upgrade your server to a VPS hosting plan. In the simplest of terms, a virtual private server is a hybrid between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. A single physical server is partitioned to accommodate multiple virtual servers. The option offers several benefits for website owners. These advantages include the following:

  1. It can be customized to provide features that your website needs

This is imperative especially if your site has an ordering and billing system. You should be able to add programs and other software without compromising the capabilities of your server. This enables you to add features that you need while discarding those that you don’t.

  1. It’s very easy to scale

If you want to upgrade to dedicated hosting, making the transition is quite fast and hassle-free. The switch can take just a few minutes or hours depending on the amount of additional power, space, and bandwidth you need.

3. You have more control over the management of your server

You will have root access to your server. Not only that, you have the capability to use third-party scripts that are not allowed in a shared hosting environment. You get to decide how your server is managed.

  1. Better overall performance

Your website will perform better for the simple reason that it’s hosted in a single private server. You aren’t sharing any of your resources with anyone. This means that your website will have better uptime rate. Your website will load faster in spite of any spike in traffic level. There’s less risk of it going offline.

The bottom line here is that if shared hosting doesn’t satisfy you and you don’t have the budget for dedicated hosting, then it makes sense that you avail of VPS hosting. A virtual private server has all the features and functions you need to efficiently manage a website with a sizable amount of traffic and online influence.

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5 Simple Ways You Can Kickstart Your Healthy Lifestyle At Home

May 26, 2017 Technology  No comments

How many of you out there penned down “be more healthy” for your New Year’s resolution only to abandon it after a month (or even bothered to start at all)? One of the most common mistakes a person can make when trying to live a healthier lifestyle is setting impossible goals. Instead, you should look at minor changes and mini-goals you can incorporate into your life, little by little. This is so that you don’t get overwhelmed and quit altogether.

Here are 5 simple ways you can start off:


  1. Swap out unhealthy options with healthier ones

Although it might feel weird at first, you won’t even notice it once you get used to it. Swap out your white bread with sprouted grains bread, your chocolate spread with natural peanut butter (without added sugar and oil), mayo with smashed avocado or hummus. Cut out soft drinks and go for water or natural coconut water instead. The choices are endless. Compare the nutritional value and ingredients list between your options, and go for the cleaner one.


  1. Make full use of your kitchen appliances

Use your blender to whip up a healthy smoothie to start your day. Make your own dips, desserts, and all sorts of dishes with your food processor. Batch cook stews, soups and sauces with your pressure cooker. Kitchen appliances are great for cutting down time when making healthy food at home. When you’re preparing your own food at home, you know what you’re putting in your body and you can control it.


  1. Give HIIT workouts a whirl

If you’re one of those who always complains about not having enough time to go to the gym or even work out at home, perhaps you can try out HIIT workouts. They’re intense, they’re quick and very efficient. A lot of HIIT workouts are also designed for busy people and require no equipment, so you can easily do them at home. You’ll be surprised by how much your fitness level changes if you keep it up for a few weeks.


  1. It’s not about eating less. It’s about eating right Many people equate not eating to dieting or being ‘healthy’, which is a very dangerous assumption. Restrictive eating, when done to the extreme, has a detrimental effect on your metabolism and causes the opposite effect that you want to achieve. Although yes, the amount you eat does affect your physique, the most important is the quality of food you’re consuming. So, focus on eating non-processed, whole foods, and keep it clean and lean.


  1. Make it fun!

The fact of the matter is you’re most probably not going to stick to the lifestyle if you’re miserable about it. Don’t be too strict on yourself and get more people to join you on this journey. Family members and close friends can be great motivators and make the whole experience more fun. If everyone is in it together, you won’t feel like you’re left out from your old habits of going to the fast food restaurant or binging on snacks during movie marathons.


Living healthier doesn’t have to be as daunting as everyone makes it seem to be. Take it a step at a time and be kind to yourself. It’s okay if you slip up once in a while. At least you’re taking the initiative to change and live life on your own terms!

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Top 4 Tips for Buying HDB Flats in Singapore

July 9, 2016 Technology  No comments


  1. Get armed 

    After making a decision on what type and the site of the flat you want to buy HDB flats for sale, go online to the Housing Board website and follow the links under home seekers to HDB housing market statistics. By doing this, you will be finding out the median resale costs of property in Singaporeand an average number of individuals who paid above the valuation for the flats. If you are aiming units in the specific block, you can as well contact agents marketing apartments in the neighboring blocks to find out the cost of the flats. It is also important to visit the site at different periods of the day. This will help to get a feeling of what it is like living in that location.
    2. Set the rules of the game 

    It is critical to making an informed decision whether you will hire a housing agent to assist you in buying the flat, or if you will do it on your own. Even though commission structures are unhinged under the law, buyers usually pay to their housing agent a 1% commission for HDB transactions.
    If you are buying the flat on your own, look into the HDB online site to find out the process that is involved. Alternatively, you can attend the HDB monthly resale seminar.

    3. Act the Sherlock 

    Staying in high-rise, thickly packed public houses has its foibles. You may never know, for instance, if the possessor is selling the apartment for the reason that he has been harassed for reimbursement by loan sharks at his house. If you purchase this flat, you might end up being attacked as well even though you had nothing to do with the debt.

    To avoid all this, take a walk down the stairs closest to the flat. If loan sharks have left a sign there, it could point out that the apartment is a potential target. Another issue, more common in aged resale flats, is the leaking ceiling. This occurs when substandard reformation upstairs or age forms kinks in the waterproofing coating on the roof. It is important to check out for watermarks on the ceiling the moment you are viewing the flats.
    4. Watch out for upgrades 

    If the Housing Board is improving an apartment that you are eyeing, find out the person who pays for the upgrade. Upgrading can vary from changing doors and washrooms to adding lifts to each floor of the block. The HDB bills owners for the improvement after the work is completed.

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Tit-Bits on Plastic Containers

December 18, 2015 Technology  No comments

types of plastic containersPlastic Containers are some of the most important items that barely get the attention they deserve. You will find them being used in a variety of places from industries for packaging to households to store water. They are essential components of today’s consumer products.

If you are seeking to choose a plastic container, it is important to know the different types. Each plastic has a code number (SPI code) placed at the bottom. It gives you an insight on whether the container is recyclable or not.





They are marked with SPI code 1.Thye are mostly made from recycled materials and are known to absorb flavors and odors. They are used to make butter jars, medicine bottles, and vinyl carpets.



They are marked with SPI code 2.These types of plastics do not leak flavors and colors. They are used to make shampoos containers, milk containers, soap bottles and other sensitive consumer products. They are also used to make a majority of toys used by Kids. They are also used to make plastic fences and soda crates in their recycled form.


PVC Tubes


It is marked SPI code 3.It is mostly used to make plumbing materials like Pipes and tiles. It is known to many as harmful if it comes into contact with food. When recycled, it is used to make industrial grade items.



It is marked SPI code 4.It is the most common plastic and is also the most widely used. It makes highly durable and flexible containers and is the least harmful of all the plastics. It is recycled to make most of the plastics seen around the house.



It is marked as SPI code 5.It is the least recycled and used to make strong containers. It makes most types of boxes including stadium cups. Its recycled form is used to make plastic bottle caps and ice scrappers.


polystreyne container


It is marked SPI code 6.It is commonly known as Styrofoam. It is very inefficient to recycle and is used mostly for disposable purposes like packing foam and disposable cutlery and plastic food boxes. If and when recycled, it makes good rulers and license plates.



They are marked SPI code 7.They include most forms of polycarbonate and polylactide plastics. The best example in this category is the Compact disk. They are the most difficult to recycle.

Plastics are also notoriously difficult to clean when dirty. The secret lies in knowing which chemicals to use to clean different types. Chemicals like rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, and bleach are best used to remove most types of food stains. White vinegar is used to clean most kitchen plastics. Baking soda paste will remove any oily stain. Lemon too can clean off oil but requires one to leave the container in direct sunlight for two days.


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London Weight Management – Ways To Get Fit, And Stay Fit, In The New Year

April 15, 2015 Technology  No comments

Dieting is extremely hard, and almost all of them fail. If you’re looking to lose weight in the new year, then it’s best to create an eating plan, instead of following a diet. Diets will only last for a short period of time, then you’ll get hungry, tired, or the cravings will take over, and you’ll quit the diet. You want to change your eating habits, as well as the way you treat your body, in order to get fit in the new year. What you first want to do, is to begin eating better. Choose wholesome foods, and cut out processed foods.


Although it’s nearly impossible to cut out all processed foods, it is possible to cut out many of them. Cutting back on enriched flours, pastas, fried foods, sugars and more, will help you to lose weight. Another guilty indulgence for many, are sweet drinks, such as sodas and fruit juices. Many of the fruit juices these days are not made from real fruit or juice, but just a bunch of junk that helps to make you fat. It’s best to cut out fruit juices and soda, and stick to water, or lightly flavored water.


How I Stay Fit & Healthy


If you’re trying to drink better, you can get a fruit infusion mixer, which will allow the fruit to sit in the water for an extended period of time, until the water tastes just like the fruit. This water is completely healthy to drink, and it’s very tasty. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and when eating proteins, try for chicken breast, salmon, and low fat cuts of meat. Once you begin eating better, then you can start incorporating exercise into your daily regimen. You need at least one hour of exercise per week, in order to be healthy, but for weight loss, you’ll need more exercise. (Tips by London Weight Malaysia)


healthy life


Expects to exercise anywhere from 3-6 days a week, depending on how quickly you want to lose weight. Creating a 30 minute exercise plan, along with your good eating habits, will help you to see the scale move downwards. No matter what sex you are, you should also incorporate strength training into your regimen, at least two days a week. Strength training will help you to build muscle, which will burn more calories. Between eating right, exercising, and strength training, you should be able to see some pounds shed within the first month. You can also choose a reliable supplement, to further your weight loss efforts.

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The Many Benefits of Server Co-location

April 1, 2015 TechnologyWeb Technology  No comments

Server co-location can provide businesses with a number of advantages. However, these will be a bit different depending on the industry that a company is in and how many employees they have working. In addition, the way that workers communicate with each other and clients makes a big difference in how a business should make use of server colocation.


Server co-location is a relatively simple concept. Almost all businesses make use of a centralized server that is used to do things that include storing backups and important information like client databases. They can also be used to run programs that will serve online content like websites and email systems. These are dedicated computers, and the only people who generally have access to them is the IT department.


When a company chooses to co-locate their server, it is sent to a data center. These are generally staffed around the clock and have multiple redundant Internet connections in addition to backup power generators. Server co-location generally comes with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, and most data centers offer hands-on support if a company needs it.


The most obvious companies that can benefit from server co-location are those that interact with their customers online. It is very difficult for a company to host its own website and email as ISPs generally frown on this and take steps to prevent it. However, data centers are fully equipped to handle a company’s online presence, and this can make it much easier for technology-focused companies to have full control over their equipment while keeping it online and available all of the time.



Company server is physical security, only offer access to authorized personnel.


Another great benefit that companies get when they choose to co-locate their server is physical security. If a company’s location is broken into, computers are generally some of the first things to get stolen. However, data centers are usually highly secure and only offer access to authorized personnel. In addition, the sheer fact that they are off site makes servers impossible for thieves to get to.


save space

Server co-location help company to save up their physical premises.


Servers can also take up a lot of physical space depending on how powerful they are. In fact, many companies have a room that is dedicated entirely to housing the server. Co-location can help free up this space which in turn gives companies more room at their physical premises.


Server co-location also makes a lot of sense for companies whose employees do not travel to a centralized location for work. With this, employees are able to log into the main server from anywhere they happen to be and get access to all of the data that they need for work. This can also be a great solution for businesses that have employees who frequently spend time in the field and need to access company information.


Why You Should Consider Server Colocation


In addition, servers can help to free up expenditures in companies that have relatively low IT overhead. They are generally not touched often after they have been set up, and data centers will provide hands-on support if there are any problems. All a company has to do is have the data center fix any issues and restore their system from a backup if there are any problems. This can lead to businesses saving money on expensive IT staff that is needed to run an on-site server.

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