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Best of Culture: Reasons to Visit Kota Bharu in Kelantan

September 4, 2015 Travel  No comments

Kota Bharu, the capital of Kelantan, is located on the east bank of the Sungai Kelantan river, at the peninsula’s northeast corner. Many people entering from nearby Thailand use the city as just a place to rest at a very nice hotel in Kelantan before exploring the rest of Malaysia. However, Kota Bharu is a fascinating city, full of rich culture, so you shouldn’t miss a chance to sample all it has to offer.



Malay Culture

The region has long been the hub of Malay culture, nurturing art forms from all over Southeast Asia and even India. Kota Bharu is a great place to experience this heritage, including its unique traditional handicrafts of woodcarving, kite making, and batik printing. The city also offers many historic buildings, which now house mostly museums, as well as outstanding markets and a number of Buddhist temples scattered through the countryside.


Kite Making

Kota Bharu also boasts stunning natural landmarks, including breathtaking islands and pristine beaches, not to mention its delicious food. During your visit, you have to try Nasi Kerabu, an appetising dish that combines blue rice, herbs, and vegetables. It is best enjoyed with fish crackers (keropok), stuffed chilies (solok lada), and grilled beef.


Nasi Kerabu


Getting Around

The centre of the city is small and easy to navigate on foot. The landmarks such as its rocket-shaped clock tower will make it easy to keep your bearings. The clock tower is located at the intersection of the town’s three main roads, the illuminated radio mast, and the shining Pacific KG Mall. Most of the city’s markets, banks, and larger stores are within a radius of a few blocks.


The Clock Tower


Places to See in Kota Bharu

While you’re in Kota Bharu, there are a few places that you simply have to visit.

Gelanggang Seni
This centre offers the best of Kota Bahru’s culture, with performances showcasing wayang kulit (shadow puppet shows), silat (salf defense), gasing (spinning tops), wau (kites), and rebana (big drums). At the Gelanggang (arena), you’ll experience true Malay culture.




Pantai Cahaya Bulan
This beach is popular for locals for family picnics, beach activities, or soaking in the breeze while enjoying some cold coconut drinks. On the way to the beach, stop at the craft stores to buy authentic batik and songket cloths or a traditional kite.


Pantai Cahaya Bulan


Muzium Jahar
At this gallery, you can learn about Kelantan’s monarchy through artefacts, armour, outfits, and equipment used for royal ceremonies. Built by Sultan Muhammad II in 1855 for his grandson, this historic castle is a wonderful example of Kelantan’s craftsmanship.


Muzium Jahar


Pasar Siti Khadijah
This busy market is one of Kelantan’s key attractions, with lively trading of local snacks and tropical fruits and vegetables. Most of the traders are women, and the conversations get lively with the visitors.


Pasar Siti Khadijah


Whether you’re more interested in beaches, handicrafts, museums, or food, Kota Bharu is certain to please!


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5 Best Countries to Visit for Rich Muslim History

September 3, 2015 Travel  No comments

An idea of a holiday for most westerners is visiting a family-friendly vacation spot like Disneyland or exploring a top-rated urban city in the Europe, Australia or in the USA. However, a vacation in a Muslim country will give a new experience to families and couples alike. There are many Muslim nations that offer everything from rich historic sites and upscale urban attractions, in addition to myriads of family-friendly activity choices. Those interested in visiting a country to learn more about rich Muslim history should check out this list.


1. Visiting UAE:

Nestled right on the border of the Persian Gulf is the country of United Arab Emirates. The country is home to the world’s most popular shopping capital Dubai and the historic city of Abu Dhabi. Although the UAE has emerged as a global business destination, the country is known for its rich Muslim culture and history. Both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you will find many museums, art galleries, century-old mosques and historic sites. This central Asian country should always be on your list of must-visit Muslim countries in the world.


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque_abu_dahbi

Abu Dahbi Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


2. Visit Muslim Spain:

Unlike the countries in Asia and Africa, the countries in Europe have comparatively less Muslim dominant cities. However, Muslims do have a history in Europe. Take the example of Spain, where a number of ancient mosques, palaces and historic sites are found. In fact, the historic cities of Alhambra and Cordoba are considered as the premier Muslim cities in the Europe. Here, you can find a hint of fusion cuisine, a lot of Muslim sites and the famous arrival site of Muslim leaders in Gibraltar.


alhambra spain

Spain Alhambra


3. Touring Turkey:

Turkey is a rich Muslim country, which was once to the Ottoman Caliphate. Here, you will witness historic establishments, Islamic monuments and mosques boasting century-old architecture and designs. Some of the holy sites in Turkey are the grave of the Prophet’s companion Abu Ayyub Ansari and the memorial of the great poet Jalaluddin Rumi. Istanbul, one of the top Turkish cities, is known for its blue mosque, awesome markets such as the Great bazaars and spice markets offering a diverse selection of local and exotic spices. You can always find custom-tailored itinerary for your Turkey travel from a Muslim travel agency.


Istanbul Blue Mosque

Istanbul Blue Mosque


4. Go for Umrah on a Muslim tour:


haji and umrah


While Muslims consider Makkah and Madinah journey as a part of their culture, visitors often come here to check the holy sites in these cities and enjoy exploring the attractions here. Every year, thousands of pilgrims go for Umrah to these cities. All around these cities, you will find opulent shopping malls, street-side markets and small boutiques. There are some ancient caves, historic mosques and holy prayer sites, which are worth of your time exploring.


putrajaya_mosque5. Explore Muslim culture in Malaysia:

Malaysia is a Muslim country, and it is home to some ancient Muslim mosques and worship sites. Even today, the country has its Sultans and Queens. In Malaysia, you can learn more about the local culture and get an insight to the royal Muslim families in Malaysia. Shop for Malaysia’s biggest Halal Portal Online.


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2 Pro Tips for a Flawless trip to NYC 

August 22, 2015 Travel  No comments

New York City is one of the top travel destinations for tourists worldwide. While visiting such a famous city is undoubtedly an exciting endeavor, some may find the prospect a bit daunting. Don’t be discouraged! By following two simple tips for planning your trip, even the most hectic travel schedule can feel like a breeze.

new york accommodation

Pro Tip #1 – Don’t Try to See Everything in One Day 
The number one rookie mistake travelers to the big apple make is trying to see all of the iconic must see spots in one day. It can be incredibly tempting to bounce from one landmark to the next for the photo opportunities. However, sightseeing in this way has serious drawbacks. Nearly every major famous location in New York City is surrounded by equally wonderful, if less well-known places to eat, drink, or simply have a good time. By trying to rush through all of the must-sees, most visitors miss out on a lot of local charm. There’s a better method to ensure that travelers can have a New York experience that is both iconic, and fulfilling.

Start by determining how many days of actual sightseeing you will have. This doesn’t include arrival and departure days that will probably be better spent planning and recuperating. Then carefully consider all of the major landmarks you hope to visit during your trip, taking note of their location in relation to each other. In order to make this work out to your advantage you’ll need to divide the number of landmarks by the number of days you have to sight see. Depending on what items are on your must-see list and how many days you’ll be in the city, you will probably end up with two or three items per day. Any more is probably pushing it. This will give you the basics of a stellar travel itinerary! Each day, visit two or three of your must-see spots that are geographically closest to each other, and take some time to explore the surrounding area in between visits.

Pro Tip #2 – Play Where You Stay 
Travel isn’t cheap, and the temptation to skimp on your hotel might be incredibly strong when faced with the rising costs of well, everything. Still, it is important to remember that having centrally located accommodation is one of the easiest ways to reduce some of the stress of travel. A lot of visitors to New York City elect to stay outside of the city in order to save money, but then find themselves frustrated when trying to get into the city every morning during the height of commuter traffic. New York accommodations in the heart of the city can be very expensive, but being in the city affords visitors the opportunity to take advantage of the extensive network of public transportation that is a hallmark New York. Everything there is to do and see can be reached by taking the subway, a taxi or public buses. Additionally, open source vacation rentals have recently become available which has helped to relieve some of the high costs associated with visiting major travel destinations such as New York.

New York City is a box every seasoned traveler seeks to check off of their list. Though it is a well-traveled city, it is rarely fully experienced on the first go. Travel guides and itineraries can only provide so much help. The best advice is to just get out there and explore, but those who take the time to do a little early planning will have a much better experience in the big appl

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How to Maintain Gorgeous Hair While on Vacation

February 1, 2015 Hair CareLifestyleTravelWellness  No comments

Maintaining beautiful hair while on vacation can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. If you don’t want your locks to suffer while you enjoy your time away, you may need to do some extra planning. You won’t be able to bring along your entire hair arsenal, but being smart about what you pack will ensure that you’ll have good hair days no matter where you’re headed. Here are some tips by Yun Nam Hair Care Effectiveness:


Do some research of your travel destination to find out which hair care product you should bring along and suitable. 

Before you take any trip, research the climate of your destination to determine which styling products are necessary. If you’re going to a humid location, a bottle of frizz control serum is a must. Even if you normally aren’t cursed with the frizzes, high humidity can transform pin-straight hair into a wiry mess. For drier climates, bring along deep hydrating shampoos and conditioners.


Choose multitasking styling products for hair care while travelling to save your time.


If your typical hair care regimen is complicated, you’ll need to simplify it so that you aren’t wasting precious time in front of a mirror. The best way to do this is to choose multitasking styling products. Use combination shampoos and conditioners, try mousses, gels or creams that also provide heat protection, and opt for hairspray that can be used on wet and dry hair.



Wear these kind of item to control your hair tresses while travelling.


Traveling means you can relax your usual beauty routines. Instead of keeping your hair loose and flowing, try pinning it up with jeweled claw clips, barrettes or flower clips. If an up-do seems too extreme, use a headband or bandanna to control your tresses. You can also bring several hats to match your outfits for those moments when your hair just won’t behave.


Bring along dry shampoos and powder-based setting products while travel to maintain and protect your hair.


One of the main problems of caring for hair while on vacation is the time crunch. You may continually be rushing from one exciting experience to another. This is why it’s important to pack products that can help you style on the go. Dry shampoos, powder-based setting products, smoothing pomades and volumizing hairsprays are all essentials for your purse, and they come in small containers.


It’s a good ideal to get a fresh hair care before travelling.



In addition to bringing along the fundamentals, it’s a good idea to get a fresh haircut before departing. This will bring life to your locks and give you the extra volume and bounce you’ll need. Whether you’re headed for an ocean-side resort or a cabin in the mountains, a little preplanning will help you avoid any hair hassles so that you can relax and enjoy yourself.


Traveling VideoTip For Hair Care

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Off The Beaten Track: Try Unique Accommodations in Malaysia

June 8, 2014 Travel  No comments

Malaysia is a stunning country in Southeast Asia located just south of Thailand and north of Singapore. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a vibrant metropolis with a mix of cultures. The eastern border of Malaysia is surrounded by the South China Sea, and the islands located in this mass of water make for wonderfully unique adventures. Malaysia is a terrific place for exotic animal lovers to visit. It has 20 percent of the world’s animal species residing in the country, including over 200 mammal species and over 600 species of birds. Two thirds of Malaysia is made up of forest that contain close to 15,000 species of plants, flowers and trees.

Malaysia’s brilliant geography makes it an amazing place to visit. In the capital of Kuala Lumpur, it is easy to find many of the typical hotel chains that exists throughout other parts of Asia. If you are someone that is more adventurous, there are alternate choices in lodging that include guest houses – book online here, Eco lodges and beach huts.


The easiest place to find sublets in Malaysia is in Kuala Lumpur. Families head off on vacations and list their homes and apartments on various online sources. Neighborhoods including Kuala Lumpur City and Bukit Bintang are popular places to locate sublets. Another popular city where you can find sublets is Selangor, which houses the National Zoo of Malaysia, also known as Zoo Negara, and the world famous Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque, one of the most brilliant examples of architecture in the world.


Eco Lodges

Malaysia’s rainforest reserves are a must see part of the country, and staying at an Eco lodge is the ideal way to get the most from the rainforest. Borneo is one of the most unusual islands in the world and the perfect place to stay in an Eco lodge. You can experience everything in Borneo, from the most beautiful beaches to the wild jungle when you stay at an Eco lodge.

Sekeping Serendah Malaysia Eco Lodges




Beach Hut

Malaysia is surrounded by water, and offers some of the most amazing islands internationally. It goes without saying that staying at a beach hut right on the sand is a great way to experience these islands. Tioman Island, famous for being portrayed as Bali Hai in the movie South Pacific, is an ideal choice for a beach hut experience.


Water bungalow beach hut resorts

Water bungalow beach hut resorts


Guest House

A lovely way to experience local flavor is to stay in someone’s guest house. It gives you the opportunity to get to know your host family and the Malaysian culture through their eyes. A guest house is easy to find through multiple online sources, especially in the major cities like Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.



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Renting Cars in Singapore: Everything You Need To Know

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All of the large rental companies in Singapore offer leasing packages that include 24-hour roadside assistance. You can rent a car within your budget at most of the rental agencies because they offer a wide variety of affordable long term car leasing options. Enjoy having the opportunity to lease transportation for business purposes or social use without the heavy financial burdens of vehicle ownership such as an exorbitant purchase down payment or expensive yearly insurance premiums. It is possible to lease for low daily and monthly rates.

Find a company that has offers that help you save more with a long term lease as well as short term, daily and weekly car rentals at affordable rates. Choose a cool sports car like Porsche or other luxury automobiles. Once you become a leasing member you are entitled to usage rights for a car for only a fraction of the cost, plus membership comes with many of the advantages and perks of car ownership including rebates and value-back-on-disposal. The Fractional Car Leasing is a special type of contract which provides the chance to have a great car without all the added problems of actually owning one.

Through a car leasing membership model that is based on the concept of fractional ownership, the average consumer can enjoy the thrill and luxury of owning exotic sports cars. The membership fee ranges from $90 to $190 depending on the make and model. The rental company will cover the costs of insurance, maintenance, road tax and even repairs. Details about the other benefits of leasing are below.


ExpressCar is the Singapore premier car rental
 You can drive a high-end car at a low price. It is cheaper than buying a new or used car. 

 The fleet of cars is impressive. You can choose one that is perfect for any social or business occasion. The shiny new models will definitely boost your image and reputation without causing you to go broke. 

 A car replacement service is available if the one that you are leasing is disabled. They will provide a replacement vehicle while your rental is in the shop for maintenance or repairs. The agency has a dedicated 24/7 hotline that you can contact in case of an emergency or unexpected car break down. 

 The car sharing feature allows you and your friends/family to co-share an automobile without any rights or ownership legal issues that could cause a rift in a relationship. 


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