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Cement Your Foothold: Lasting Commercial Floor Coatings

June 15, 2017 Furniture ConceptsLifestyle  No comments

Heavy construction industries spend a great deal of money on facility maintenance or upkeep. One area that requires periodic inspection is the floor condition of the premises. If you notice, the floors take a beating because of the massive volume of traffic and frenetic business activity on a daily basis. Any cracks or holes can be hazardous to workers and can damage equipment as well.

You have no recourse but to find the ideal but economical solution to protect the working environment. Economical ways are available depending on the type of environment in your facility. Industrial grade commercial floor coatings have come a long way to serve various industries.

What Can Commercial Floor Coatings Do?

Different application environments need a floor coating system. The primary objective is to repair and restore damaged floors of factories, warehouses and service bays among others.

What to Look For in a Floor Coating System?

Choose an established and reliable floor coating company that has the most suitable commercial floor coating system. You will derive savings and minimize maintenance cost if you pick high-quality products.

  1. Durability – resistant to fuels, oils, and other chemicals that cause damage
  2. Safety – texture of the coating system should be slip-free or slip-resistant
  3. Easy cleaning – ease in cleaning so you can save on time and energy
  4. Economical – the true worth of the system should be more than the actual cost
  5. Seamless – the system is not susceptible to gathering dust, moisture and mold formation

Different industrial flooring systems work perfectly well in particular environment and conditions. Let the experts in the business determine your floor and coating need. They are in the best position to design, create and install the most suitable commercial floor coatings.

The best thing about consulting an established professional company is that you can customize the system according to your actual need and work within your budget at the same time. Keeping your floor safe and secure allows you to cement your foothold in the industry you operate.

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Tips for Proper Use of Teak Furniture Oil

July 8, 2014 Furniture Concepts  No comments

Are you one of the many homeowners who proudly display teak furniture in your home because of its durability and natural beauty that lends warmth and elegance to any décor? Much of the teak furniture in Malaysia has already been treated with teak oil in order to slightly darken its natural honey-brown color in addition to giving an attractive soft sheen to the wood. Teak is often oiled to help prevent the wood from absorbing any surface stains. Oiling also helps to retard the natural aging process that causes the wood to eventually display a silver-grey patina.


Teak Protector Oil

In order to properly maintain oiled teak furniture, it’s important to re-oil your furniture pieces to keep the wood in prime condition. You should gather your teak oil, a clean dusting rag and a rag dedicated to applying the oil before beginning. Make certain that if oiling your teak furniture indoors, open several windows to allow for proper ventilation when working with the oil.


Teak Wood Protector
Dampen your dusting cloth slightly and go over every inch of your teak furniture to completely remove every speck of dust possible. Then allow the furniture to air dry. Now take the cloth you have dedicated to the oiling process, pouring the teak oil directly onto it, then wiping it into the teak furniture piece you are working on. You can also pour the teak oil directly onto the furniture, but you can usually have better control and avoid pools of oil forming if you apply it instead to the cloth in order to work it into the teak surface.

Once the oil has been applied, it will appear shiny and feel slightly sticky to the touch. Now it’s time to be patient as you allow the teak oil to be slowly absorbed into the wood. Check your furniture after about 60 minutes to see if all of the applied oil has been absorbed by the wood. If there are any dry spots still noticeable, you can apply additional oil and then wait for it to dry completely.

It’s a good idea to apply teak oil at a time when you can leave your furniture unused for at least 24 hours. This will allow all of the oil to properly seep in, in addition to giving you enough time to inspect for any patches where excess oil needs to be wiped away or dry patches that need an additional coating of oil. Once your teak furniture has been given an application of teak oil, it will look shiny and in like-new condition again. To increase its longevity, avoid setting wet plates or glasses onto teak surfaces and keep teak out of direct sunlight to eliminate damage from UV light.


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How to Fix 4 Most Common Wood Furniture Problems

May 1, 2014 Furniture ConceptsLifestyle  No comments

Wood furniture makes a beautiful addition to any home, no matter your style or taste. Unfortunately, it can become damaged due to daily use. Here is a look at some common wood furniture problems and how to fix them.



Scratches are probably the most common problem you will experience. Tables, desks, and other surfaces that you use daily almost always end up getting scratched, but even furniture you use for storage or display, such as bookshelves or dressers, can become scratched easily.





How to Fix Them

If the scratch is light, a can of wood polish or wax should take care of it. Some people even use crayons or eyebrow pencils to cover up the scratches, because it is simple, it’s something you have around the house, and it’s easy to match the color. For deeper scratches, you might consider a filler like wood putty. Once you fill the scratch, sand down the area, and finish the area to match the rest of the piece.








Water Stains

If you have a wooden table, you know water stains are common, especially if you do not use coasters when you put dishes or glasses down on the surface.





How to Fix Them

Applying lemon oil and letting it sit overnight will help fade the stain, though it does not always remove it completely. You can also try ironing over the area with a warm iron, but be sure to put a thick piece of cloth between the iron and the furniture so you don’t burn the surface. Some people claim that rubbing regular toothpaste on the stain can help make it disappear.


Iron cloth



after iron cloth


Bite Marks

It may seem like an unusual problem at first glance, but if you have ever had a new puppy, or in some cases, a toddler, you know that it is not unusual for a chair or table leg to end up with a few bite marks. Assuming the damage is minimal, you can do some things to even them out.


dog bite




How to Fix Them

Just like with deep scratches, bite marks can be fixed with a little filler like wood putty. Be careful not to put too much on the mark at first, as you can always add more later. After it is dry, sand it down, and use whatever type of stain or paint you need to ensure the color matches the rest of the furniture.


Wood Filler




Worn Edges

After a while, corners and edges start to look old and worn.


Wooden Edge Torn




How to Fix Them

If the wear is not too bad, use a felt-tip marker to cover over the worn spots. Once it dries, wax the area or the entire piece to make it shine like it did when you bought it.


Everything Else

Not every problem with your furniture is fixable. Sometimes it may cost more in supplies than the piece cost in the first place. In this case, you might want to consider a replacement. To find something new for your home, check out this online furniture store.

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How To Shop For Furniture On A Budget

September 16, 2013 Furniture ConceptsLifestyle

Now that you’ve purchased your first home, the time has come to start thinking about buying some additional furniture. After all, those pieces from your apartment can only do so much for the space. The problem is that you don’t have a lot of money to allocate to the purchase of additional furniture. This means you will need to think outside the box in order to locate and buy the pieces that you need.




Retailer Discounts and Specials

While you may think that buying furniture on a budget means you have to stay away from the pricey furniture stores, that is not necessarily the case (see 3 Easy Tips for Determining High Quality Furniture). Many of these retail establishments will have pieces that you can afford easily. This is especially true if you ask about discounts and certain types of specials.

One approach is to ask about discounts on any display pieces that catch your eye. Those pieces may have a minor defect or two, such as some scratches sustained since the piece has been on display. If that particular piece has not been popular with the store’s clientele, the owner may be willing to sell it at a discount.

Don’t forget to ask about any repossessed pieces that are currently stored in the back. Those pieces cannot be sold as new stock and you may find that the retailer would be willing to sell them for little more than cost. When this is the case, you can obtain gently used pieces for a fraction of the standard retail rate.



Visit Ethnicraft's Online Showroom For Beautiful Teak Wood Furniture at Affordable Price

Visit Ethnicraft’s Online Showroom For Beautiful Teak Wood Furniture at Affordable Price



Consider Unfinished Furniture

Take a look around and see if there is a store that sells unfinished furniture. These are pieces made of high quality wood and have not yet been painted or stained. In many instances, you can shop for wood furniture at these establishments and get come excellent buys. Best of all, you get to choose the stain or color for those pieces, ensuring that they will fit in with your decorating plans with ease.


Check Out Flea Markets and Thrift Shops

You can certainly stretch your budget by visiting local flea markets and thrift shops. Many people donate pieces that are in very good condition when they buy new furnishings. A little diligence on your part will make it possible to identify pieces that are in good shape for a price that is well within the limits of your budget. Even if you need to spend a little money to have the upholstery cleaned or to get rid of some scratches on the woodwork, you’ll still end up with high quality pieces that have both character and durability.


Estate Sales

Attending an estate sale is a great alternative to shopping at furniture stores. Go near the last day of the sale and you may even be able to negotiate a lower price on some of the pieces that catch your eye. Sales of this type are known to have all sorts of bargains, allow you to shop for wood furniture that will fit nicely on your patio or deck as well as pieces that would work in the den or family room.

Don’t assume that just because there isn’t a lot of money to spend on furniture that you have to settle for pieces that are cheap in more ways than the price. With a little perseverance, it is possible to come across excellent pieces that will fit nicely into your budget. Try all these alternatives and see what you come up with. In less time than you thought possible, your home will be fully furnished with comfortable pieces that last for years.


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Refurbish Second Hand Wood Furniture

May 9, 2013 Furniture ConceptsLifestyle

Beautiful wood furniture is timeless. Wood is a natural material and makes a room feel cozy. The patterns of grain differ from tree to tree. The strength and durability of wood makes it a great choice for kitchen, living room, dining room, den and bedroom furniture. Occasionally second hand wood furniture needs to be refurbished.

The furniture may be water stained, scratched or faded. The marks and blemishes can be taken out. The process is the same whether the surface is flat or curved. It is simple to achieve but takes time.

The refurbishing process creates dust and uses finishing products. A well-ventilated area and temperatures above 55 degrees is recommended. If the furniture has large flat surfaces, a sandpaper power tool helps cut down time. Sandpaper is rated from coarse to very fine, and every degree is needed for the project. Fine steel wool can be substituted during the later stages of sanding.

The furniture is cleaned using a commercial solution, and then very coarse sandpaper is used to remove the old varnish. Deep gouges are filled in with wood putty. A less coarse sandpaper grade is used next. Dust is wiped from the furniture with a damp cloth.

The furniture is allowed to dry thoroughly because wood is porous. It expands and shrinks when moisture enters the grain. The texture of moist wood feels lumpy and acts differently than dry wood. After the piece dries it is sanded, wiped with a damp cloth and dried once more.

Stain comes next. Stains are available in a variety of colors from dark like walnut to lighter oak. Natural varnish retains the natural color of the wood. A stain soaks into the wood pores. Stain is applied with either a cloth or soft brush. It is applied in the same direction as the grain of the wood.

The next step is sanding with the finest grade sandpaper. Dust is wiped off, the piece dried and varnish applied. At least two coats of varnish are recommended for furniture surfaces that are not handled all the time, like cabinets and bedroom furniture. Three coats work well on tabletops.

A final coat of polyurethane sealer protects the furniture and brings out the natural beauty of the wood. The furniture looks fabulous again.

It takes time to refurbish furniture, and there is a simpler solution. Buy wood furniture online. The Ethnicraft wood furniture store carries beautiful and functional pieces for every room.

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Structures That Make Charming Additions to Your Home

February 3, 2013 Furniture ConceptsLifestyle

Homeowners can add charm and value to their houses by having outdoor structures built. Some of these structures are built onto the existing outer walls of the house, while others are designed to be free standing. Not only do these structures add value to the house, but they also create a place where families can relax or gather with friends.

Structures as Outdoor Add-ons
One of the most common items built onto a house is an outdoor deck. A timber deck will be constructed using solid wood planks cut to fit the area it is placed in. The outdoor deck is usually placed so it is adjacent to the back door of the home. A natural wood deck creates warmth and charm for the house by creating an area for relaxation which can be enhanced with outdoor lighting. A deck can be built with rails placed along the sides and steps leading to the ground.

Another common structure added to houses is the outdoor awning. An awning is usually built over an outdoor area which has some type of outdoor foundation, such as a deck or patio. The awning adds charm while also providing shade for the area so people can enjoy being outdoors even in bright sunlight.

Free Standing Outdoor Structures
An outdoor gazebo is designed as a free standing structure which can be placed in the back yard. This building comes with its own roof and sides which have large open areas. This structure can turn any back yard into a place where celebrations can be held. The structure will have an elevated base with steps leading to the interior deck. The walls used around the base are usually created as lattice style walls to allow air to circulate underneath the structure.

An outdoor gazebo can be built as an ornamental structure with decorative trim placed along the side rails and roof. While a natural wood deck is usually stained to enhance the natural wood color, an outdoor gazebo is often painted white to enhance its charm.

An outdoor pergola such as those found at, can be constructed as attached or free standing structures. As a free standing structure, the open frame design can be placed over paths leading to garden areas. As an attached structure the covered frame design can be placed above outdoor patios or walkways placed in between the house and garage to provide shade and protection from rain.

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