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The Right Climate for The Right Flowers in Asia

January 24, 2014 Flowers & GardeningsLifestyle  No comments

When you’re looking for the right flowers for the climate in Asia, you should typically think flowers for the tropics. Asia has a tropical climate in which flowers that are designed for the tropics thrive best in. Areas like Asia are known for their diverse collections of plant life and foliage, from large trees to small shrubs. When you want to plant your own garden or do your own landscaping in an Asian climate, it is essential that you select plants that are resilient enough to withstand the tropical atmosphere and hot and humid conditions of the climate it’s going to be in.




Brugmansia is a shrub that is produces tropical flowers that are shaped like trumpets. The colours of the flowers may be pink, yellow or white, depending upon the variety of the species of plant. The flowers are usually 6 to 8 inches big, and they emit a pleasing fragrance. The blossoms of the shrub point downwards since they droop, but they are a flower that many people find aesthetically pleasing. This type of plant requires full sun and plenty of moisture, which makes it perfect for the Asian climate.





Brugmansia pink




Alocasia is a type of plant that is more commonly referred to as elephant ear because its leaves can get as long as three feet. This plant’s foliage can be various colours, ranging from yellow and bronze to green, bluish green and variegated. It requires plenty of moisture, especially air moisture, which accounts for why this plant is ideal for tropical climates like Asia.





Christmas Alocasia




Canna plants can grow to various heights. Some of them only reach little over a foot in height, whereas others get as big as six feet tall. These plants require full sun and plenty of moisture, and they produce gorgeous flowers as well. However, to keep encouraging the flowers to bloom, it is advisable for the flowers to be removed from the plants as soon as they begin to fade instead of waiting for them to fall off the plants.






Annuals are typical landscaping elements that people commonly place in flower beds. However, sometimes growing annuals in tropical climates can present a challenge if you don’t select the right plants to work with. Annuals that are hardy enough to grow in more tropical climates include petunias, sunflowers, dahlias and pot marigolds. However, still, it is advisable for annuals to be placed in beds that have well-prepared soil and for them to be fertilized frequently to ensure adequate growth in tropical climates.






Perennials last for two years instead of just the one year that annuals do. Like annuals, though, only certain types of perennials are more suited to tropical climates. Perennials from the Asteracaeae and Zingiberacae families are more likely to grow in tropical climates than other types of perennials. Examples of perennials found in these families include daisies and giner plants.




Rangoon Creeper


With so many options of plants to grow in your tropical climate, there is no reason why you should have to buy flowers in Asia (see Bloom 2 U). With a bit of tender, loving care and proper research, you can grow the flowers that you want on your own.

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