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Knowing How to Place the Perfect Value on a Used Car

June 10, 2015 Automobile  No comments

Buying or selling a used vehicle can be an extremely rewarding experience if you know what you’re doing beforehand. Determining the right price for a used car doesn’t require extensive knowledge about the economy or about cars. Instead, a careful blend of research as well as gut instinct can help you to sell your used car for the best possible price.

How to Begin Your Research

It’s important to know that your goal when determining the right price for a used car is to place your vehicle competitively in the market with competing, comparable cars. Your car doesn’t need to be priced noticeably higher than other cars in the market nor does it need to much lower. If your car is equal on all levels except for price, potential buyers will naturally choose the lower-priced purchase. If you place your car carefully in the competing market by choosing a value that is just slightly higher than other similar cars, you will have room to negotiate without losing money.

So, how do you determine what that price should be? There are several ways to research your market wisely. One of the primary factors to consider is your current used automobile market. Is your car in high demand in your area? For example, do you live in rural suburbia? Family sedans and quality family vans are always in high demand in areas where families are raising children and need affordable, reliable transportation. Sports-cars and convertibles are usually less difficult to sell in vacation spots or near water (beach areas, river-front property, etc.) Consider other market conditions as well, such as the general economic condition of the largest city near you.

Other Important Research Sources

You should also carefully do your research online. Check out reputable websites like Kelly Blue Book or to determine the fair market value of your car. These websites consider the value of your vehicle including extras, mileage, and the condition of your car. Also consider local used vehicle markets like car mart SG, for example, to see what their prices are. Being knowledgeable about the market value of your car before you place other local factors into the price will give you a strong springboard to begin with.

Don’t ever go lower on your vehicle than it’s worth no matter how bad you need the sale. Prospective buyers will consider this to be a sign that something is wrong with the car or that you are vulnerable; this could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Check out local competition like your newspaper’s classified ads and Craigslist to see if there are comparable cars. Consider the prices, but don’t consider these prices as your measuring tool; remember that these are amateurs or individuals who may not have the best price.

Follow Your Instincts

Most importantly, follow your instincts. After you’ve done your research and considered what your car is worth, follow your own feelings about what the car is worth. If it is in extremely good condition or offers unique features that you haven’t seen on other competitive cars, don’t be afraid to expect a higher price. It’s always better to begin higher because you can always negotiate your price. If you begin lower, there’s nowhere to go but down.

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Four Tips for Selling Your Car

February 27, 2015 AutomobileLifestyle  No comments


Cars are expensive, time-consuming things that are difficult to obtain, and often difficult to sale. Thankfully, there are a few simple things that you can do to prepare your car for sale. Here are four quick things to get your started:


1 – Fix any blemishes

There are numerous second hand cars for sale in Singapore. This means that buyers are able to be choosy when selecting their next vehicle. Take the car to an automotive shop and have any dings or imperfections in the paint handled.

Beyond helping increase the likelihood of a sale, this will help increase the value of the car. If fixing a scratch for twenty dollars adds a hundred to the sale price, then it will be worth it.


2 – Make sure the car is road-legal

Buyers need to be sure that the car can handle properly after purchase. By having the vehicle certified as safe by a mechanic, and fully insured/plated, it is possible to reduce the anxiety the average car buyer will face.

This will also improve the sale price, by reducing the need for the purchaser to make additional repairs before using the vehicle on a daily basis.


3 – Advertise on multiple forums

Selling a car involves more than simply placing a sticker in the window. Go online and post your car, with good pictures, on multiple sites. Sites like helps connect buyers with the numerous second hand cars for sale in Singapore. Remember – the more you advertise, the more prospective buyers will see the car.


4 – Price the car properly

Cars are almost always worth less than what their owner’s think. This is due to sentimental value clouding the judgement of the owner, and a general lack of understanding of the industry.

Consult an automotive expert and obtain a clear value of your car. Do not price the vehicle beyond this point, and do not go too far below it. A low price can scare as many people away as a high price, due to concerns about mechanical issues that are not readily apparent.



Selling second hand cars in Singapore can be a fun experience, if the necessary steps are taken to maximize the value of the car are taken in advance. Make sure the vehicle is fully insured and plated, and be willing to take the time to take prospective buyers on a ride. This is a business adventure like any other, buy maximizing the value of the car and reaching out to the maximum number of people possible, you can maximize the profit that the experience will bring.

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