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Cement Your Foothold: Lasting Commercial Floor Coatings

June 15, 2017 Furniture ConceptsLifestyle  No comments

Heavy construction industries spend a great deal of money on facility maintenance or upkeep. One area that requires periodic inspection is the floor condition of the premises. If you notice, the floors take a beating because of the massive volume of traffic and frenetic business activity on a daily basis. Any cracks or holes can be hazardous to workers and can damage equipment as well.

You have no recourse but to find the ideal but economical solution to protect the working environment. Economical ways are available depending on the type of environment in your facility. Industrial grade commercial floor coatings have come a long way to serve various industries.

What Can Commercial Floor Coatings Do?

Different application environments need a floor coating system. The primary objective is to repair and restore damaged floors of factories, warehouses and service bays among others.

What to Look For in a Floor Coating System?

Choose an established and reliable floor coating company that has the most suitable commercial floor coating system. You will derive savings and minimize maintenance cost if you pick high-quality products.

  1. Durability – resistant to fuels, oils, and other chemicals that cause damage
  2. Safety – texture of the coating system should be slip-free or slip-resistant
  3. Easy cleaning – ease in cleaning so you can save on time and energy
  4. Economical – the true worth of the system should be more than the actual cost
  5. Seamless – the system is not susceptible to gathering dust, moisture and mold formation

Different industrial flooring systems work perfectly well in particular environment and conditions. Let the experts in the business determine your floor and coating need. They are in the best position to design, create and install the most suitable commercial floor coatings.

The best thing about consulting an established professional company is that you can customize the system according to your actual need and work within your budget at the same time. Keeping your floor safe and secure allows you to cement your foothold in the industry you operate.

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2 Easy Pasta Dishes for Entertaining

October 30, 2016 Lifestyle  No comments


The holidays are fast approaching, and pretty soon there will be parties upon parties to go to and to prepare for. If you’re running out of ideas for potluck dishes, pasta is always a good choice. It’s hearty, tasty and is quick and easy to make. If you’re interested to make pasta for entertaining, here are two well-loved dishes to add to your repertoire.vegetarian_recipe_lunch_avocado_pesto_pasta

  1. Pesto Pasta

People are becoming more concerned about their calorie intake even during the holidays. This is why pesto is a great alternative to rich and creamy sauces. Basically, pesto is made from basil or any other green herb. Some people use spinach, arugula or moringa. The leaves can be added fresh or blanched and is combined with garlic, toasted nuts and cheese. The secret to making this really healthy sauce is using good oil. Some people use extra virgin olive oil but you can also use sunflower oil or soy oil, depending on your preference. You can prepare the sauce in advance and just toss it with cooked pasta just before serving. Top with grated parmesan cheese.pressure-cooker-one-pot-pasta-bolognese

  1. Pasta Bolognese

This is a meat sauce that’s filled with  flavor of meat and herbs. You can prepare this sauce in large quantities on a weekend and freeze them up in batches. This way you can have some for the party and save another batch for your family’s meals. Bolognese is a combination of veal, beef, and pork meat, but some cooks who make pasta in Singapore substitute it with healthier protein. You can use ground chicken or turkey meat for a leaner mix. On the other hand, those who want to indulge during the holidays can use crumbled spicy sausages mixed with good bacon or pancetta. This sauce can take hours to cook, so it really is best prepared ahead of time. Since Bolognese is thick and hearty, make sure you choose a pasta that can hold up to it. Parpadelle is nice and thick and traditionally goes well with Bolognese.

You don’t need to be an expert cook to pull these dishes off. You can look for a recipe online if you are after exact measurements. Otherwise, you can trust your instincts and taste as you go. The important thing is that you’re preparing something special to share with your family on friends on these joyous occasions.

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Best of Culture: Reasons to Visit Kota Bharu in Kelantan

September 4, 2015 Travel  No comments

Kota Bharu, the capital of Kelantan, is located on the east bank of the Sungai Kelantan river, at the peninsula’s northeast corner. Many people entering from nearby Thailand use the city as just a place to rest at a very nice hotel in Kelantan before exploring the rest of Malaysia. However, Kota Bharu is a fascinating city, full of rich culture, so you shouldn’t miss a chance to sample all it has to offer.



Malay Culture

The region has long been the hub of Malay culture, nurturing art forms from all over Southeast Asia and even India. Kota Bharu is a great place to experience this heritage, including its unique traditional handicrafts of woodcarving, kite making, and batik printing. The city also offers many historic buildings, which now house mostly museums, as well as outstanding markets and a number of Buddhist temples scattered through the countryside.


Kite Making

Kota Bharu also boasts stunning natural landmarks, including breathtaking islands and pristine beaches, not to mention its delicious food. During your visit, you have to try Nasi Kerabu, an appetising dish that combines blue rice, herbs, and vegetables. It is best enjoyed with fish crackers (keropok), stuffed chilies (solok lada), and grilled beef.


Nasi Kerabu


Getting Around

The centre of the city is small and easy to navigate on foot. The landmarks such as its rocket-shaped clock tower will make it easy to keep your bearings. The clock tower is located at the intersection of the town’s three main roads, the illuminated radio mast, and the shining Pacific KG Mall. Most of the city’s markets, banks, and larger stores are within a radius of a few blocks.


The Clock Tower


Places to See in Kota Bharu

While you’re in Kota Bharu, there are a few places that you simply have to visit.

Gelanggang Seni
This centre offers the best of Kota Bahru’s culture, with performances showcasing wayang kulit (shadow puppet shows), silat (salf defense), gasing (spinning tops), wau (kites), and rebana (big drums). At the Gelanggang (arena), you’ll experience true Malay culture.




Pantai Cahaya Bulan
This beach is popular for locals for family picnics, beach activities, or soaking in the breeze while enjoying some cold coconut drinks. On the way to the beach, stop at the craft stores to buy authentic batik and songket cloths or a traditional kite.


Pantai Cahaya Bulan


Muzium Jahar
At this gallery, you can learn about Kelantan’s monarchy through artefacts, armour, outfits, and equipment used for royal ceremonies. Built by Sultan Muhammad II in 1855 for his grandson, this historic castle is a wonderful example of Kelantan’s craftsmanship.


Muzium Jahar


Pasar Siti Khadijah
This busy market is one of Kelantan’s key attractions, with lively trading of local snacks and tropical fruits and vegetables. Most of the traders are women, and the conversations get lively with the visitors.


Pasar Siti Khadijah


Whether you’re more interested in beaches, handicrafts, museums, or food, Kota Bharu is certain to please!


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5 Best Countries to Visit for Rich Muslim History

September 3, 2015 Travel  No comments

An idea of a holiday for most westerners is visiting a family-friendly vacation spot like Disneyland or exploring a top-rated urban city in the Europe, Australia or in the USA. However, a vacation in a Muslim country will give a new experience to families and couples alike. There are many Muslim nations that offer everything from rich historic sites and upscale urban attractions, in addition to myriads of family-friendly activity choices. Those interested in visiting a country to learn more about rich Muslim history should check out this list.


1. Visiting UAE:

Nestled right on the border of the Persian Gulf is the country of United Arab Emirates. The country is home to the world’s most popular shopping capital Dubai and the historic city of Abu Dhabi. Although the UAE has emerged as a global business destination, the country is known for its rich Muslim culture and history. Both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you will find many museums, art galleries, century-old mosques and historic sites. This central Asian country should always be on your list of must-visit Muslim countries in the world.


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque_abu_dahbi

Abu Dahbi Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


2. Visit Muslim Spain:

Unlike the countries in Asia and Africa, the countries in Europe have comparatively less Muslim dominant cities. However, Muslims do have a history in Europe. Take the example of Spain, where a number of ancient mosques, palaces and historic sites are found. In fact, the historic cities of Alhambra and Cordoba are considered as the premier Muslim cities in the Europe. Here, you can find a hint of fusion cuisine, a lot of Muslim sites and the famous arrival site of Muslim leaders in Gibraltar.


alhambra spain

Spain Alhambra


3. Touring Turkey:

Turkey is a rich Muslim country, which was once to the Ottoman Caliphate. Here, you will witness historic establishments, Islamic monuments and mosques boasting century-old architecture and designs. Some of the holy sites in Turkey are the grave of the Prophet’s companion Abu Ayyub Ansari and the memorial of the great poet Jalaluddin Rumi. Istanbul, one of the top Turkish cities, is known for its blue mosque, awesome markets such as the Great bazaars and spice markets offering a diverse selection of local and exotic spices. You can always find custom-tailored itinerary for your Turkey travel from a Muslim travel agency.


Istanbul Blue Mosque

Istanbul Blue Mosque


4. Go for Umrah on a Muslim tour:


haji and umrah


While Muslims consider Makkah and Madinah journey as a part of their culture, visitors often come here to check the holy sites in these cities and enjoy exploring the attractions here. Every year, thousands of pilgrims go for Umrah to these cities. All around these cities, you will find opulent shopping malls, street-side markets and small boutiques. There are some ancient caves, historic mosques and holy prayer sites, which are worth of your time exploring.


putrajaya_mosque5. Explore Muslim culture in Malaysia:

Malaysia is a Muslim country, and it is home to some ancient Muslim mosques and worship sites. Even today, the country has its Sultans and Queens. In Malaysia, you can learn more about the local culture and get an insight to the royal Muslim families in Malaysia. Shop for Malaysia’s biggest Halal Portal Online.


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2 Pro Tips for a Flawless trip to NYC 

August 22, 2015 Travel  No comments

New York City is one of the top travel destinations for tourists worldwide. While visiting such a famous city is undoubtedly an exciting endeavor, some may find the prospect a bit daunting. Don’t be discouraged! By following two simple tips for planning your trip, even the most hectic travel schedule can feel like a breeze.

new york accommodation

Pro Tip #1 – Don’t Try to See Everything in One Day 
The number one rookie mistake travelers to the big apple make is trying to see all of the iconic must see spots in one day. It can be incredibly tempting to bounce from one landmark to the next for the photo opportunities. However, sightseeing in this way has serious drawbacks. Nearly every major famous location in New York City is surrounded by equally wonderful, if less well-known places to eat, drink, or simply have a good time. By trying to rush through all of the must-sees, most visitors miss out on a lot of local charm. There’s a better method to ensure that travelers can have a New York experience that is both iconic, and fulfilling.

Start by determining how many days of actual sightseeing you will have. This doesn’t include arrival and departure days that will probably be better spent planning and recuperating. Then carefully consider all of the major landmarks you hope to visit during your trip, taking note of their location in relation to each other. In order to make this work out to your advantage you’ll need to divide the number of landmarks by the number of days you have to sight see. Depending on what items are on your must-see list and how many days you’ll be in the city, you will probably end up with two or three items per day. Any more is probably pushing it. This will give you the basics of a stellar travel itinerary! Each day, visit two or three of your must-see spots that are geographically closest to each other, and take some time to explore the surrounding area in between visits.

Pro Tip #2 – Play Where You Stay 
Travel isn’t cheap, and the temptation to skimp on your hotel might be incredibly strong when faced with the rising costs of well, everything. Still, it is important to remember that having centrally located accommodation is one of the easiest ways to reduce some of the stress of travel. A lot of visitors to New York City elect to stay outside of the city in order to save money, but then find themselves frustrated when trying to get into the city every morning during the height of commuter traffic. New York accommodations in the heart of the city can be very expensive, but being in the city affords visitors the opportunity to take advantage of the extensive network of public transportation that is a hallmark New York. Everything there is to do and see can be reached by taking the subway, a taxi or public buses. Additionally, open source vacation rentals have recently become available which has helped to relieve some of the high costs associated with visiting major travel destinations such as New York.

New York City is a box every seasoned traveler seeks to check off of their list. Though it is a well-traveled city, it is rarely fully experienced on the first go. Travel guides and itineraries can only provide so much help. The best advice is to just get out there and explore, but those who take the time to do a little early planning will have a much better experience in the big appl

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Knowing How to Place the Perfect Value on a Used Car

June 10, 2015 Automobile  No comments

Buying or selling a used vehicle can be an extremely rewarding experience if you know what you’re doing beforehand. Determining the right price for a used car doesn’t require extensive knowledge about the economy or about cars. Instead, a careful blend of research as well as gut instinct can help you to sell your used car for the best possible price.

How to Begin Your Research

It’s important to know that your goal when determining the right price for a used car is to place your vehicle competitively in the market with competing, comparable cars. Your car doesn’t need to be priced noticeably higher than other cars in the market nor does it need to much lower. If your car is equal on all levels except for price, potential buyers will naturally choose the lower-priced purchase. If you place your car carefully in the competing market by choosing a value that is just slightly higher than other similar cars, you will have room to negotiate without losing money.

So, how do you determine what that price should be? There are several ways to research your market wisely. One of the primary factors to consider is your current used automobile market. Is your car in high demand in your area? For example, do you live in rural suburbia? Family sedans and quality family vans are always in high demand in areas where families are raising children and need affordable, reliable transportation. Sports-cars and convertibles are usually less difficult to sell in vacation spots or near water (beach areas, river-front property, etc.) Consider other market conditions as well, such as the general economic condition of the largest city near you.

Other Important Research Sources

You should also carefully do your research online. Check out reputable websites like Kelly Blue Book or to determine the fair market value of your car. These websites consider the value of your vehicle including extras, mileage, and the condition of your car. Also consider local used vehicle markets like car mart SG, for example, to see what their prices are. Being knowledgeable about the market value of your car before you place other local factors into the price will give you a strong springboard to begin with.

Don’t ever go lower on your vehicle than it’s worth no matter how bad you need the sale. Prospective buyers will consider this to be a sign that something is wrong with the car or that you are vulnerable; this could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Check out local competition like your newspaper’s classified ads and Craigslist to see if there are comparable cars. Consider the prices, but don’t consider these prices as your measuring tool; remember that these are amateurs or individuals who may not have the best price.

Follow Your Instincts

Most importantly, follow your instincts. After you’ve done your research and considered what your car is worth, follow your own feelings about what the car is worth. If it is in extremely good condition or offers unique features that you haven’t seen on other competitive cars, don’t be afraid to expect a higher price. It’s always better to begin higher because you can always negotiate your price. If you begin lower, there’s nowhere to go but down.

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