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Top 5 International Boarding Schools in Malaysia in 2017

August 25, 2017 EducationEducation GuidesLearning Life  No comments

Malaysia is among the top countries in Asia with the most number of international students. According to the ISC Research, there is a total of 170 international schools in Malaysia as of 2017. This comes as no surprise, as the demand for international schools in Asia continues to rise.

If you are planning to move to Malaysia and are looking for the best school for your kids, here are the five leading international schools to choose from:

  1. Marlborough College Malaysia

The school is one of the biggest international schools all over Malaysia. Located on a 90-acre estate in Iskandar, Marlborough College in Malaysia offers their boarding facilities to pupils in Year 5 and above. They aim to help their students develop meaningful and healthy relationships through their international boarding school.

  1. Nexus International School Malaysia

Operating since 2008, the Nexus International School prides itself with an Apple Distinguished School Award. The said recognition was given to only three schools in South Asia. Nexus is also the top option among many expats because it is located just 35 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Their boarding experiences include after-school activities, routine activities, and peer-to-peer camaraderie.

  1. Prince of Wales Island International School

POWIIS is dedicated to bringing the best of British education system into an authentic Malaysian context. Their boarding schools are known for having outstanding modern facilities. They assure that there are always domestic staff members available to help the students adjust to their new life outside the home.

  1. Cempaka International Ladies’ College

Founded in 2009, the CILC serves as the first private all-girls boarding school all over Selangor. This all-girls boarding school in Sepang currently has four boarding houses that comprise girls from all levels. The school follows the British and European educational system with a combination of rich cultural diversity of the region.

  1. Epsom College in Malaysia

The Epsom College, one of the oldest co-educational schools in Southern England, opened its Malaysia campus in 2014. Now the Bandar Enstek campus is successfully operating as a day school and boarding school. Boarding is offered to children aged 11 to 18, to prepare them for the world beyond their home. Each Boarding House has a study bedroom and communal areas such as kitchen areas, TV rooms, and laundry areas.

Have you chosen the best international boarding school for your child? We suggest you contact and make a visit to each of the schools listed above to help you make your decision!

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Solving The Case of Cash Rebate Credit Cards: Should You Get One?

March 19, 2017 BusinessWealth Management  No comments

20110413.090855_cardsEver wondered why Malaysian credit card companies reward their customers for retail purchases? Yes, it is part of their strategy to lure new customers and keep the existing ones. This marketing plan comes as no surprise given the intense competition among credit card companies. You might be thinking, “Does this cash rebate thing really benefit me?” That is an excellent question because there are credit card holders who claimed rebates only entice them to shop and spend more. This post explains the good side of credit card rebates and why you should apply for a card now.


  1. Some companies offer maximum benefits. What features make a good credit card? A good credit card is one that provides no cap on rebates or automatically credits deductions into your account every month. A better cash rebate credit card in Malaysia does not have an annual fee for the first three years. You don’t want the cost to eat away any profits you could make from the rebate. A credit card with no annual fee is one of the most important features to look at, especially for first-time credit card holders.


  1. You can earn more points out of the items you regularly buy. Gone were the days when companies only give rewards when you purchase to a few, selected merchants. Now you can earn rebates from eating at your favorite restaurant. Many Malaysian credit card companies even extend their services to supermarkets, drugstores, and gas stations. Because these are the essentials, credit card holders can take this as an opportunity to earn more without worrying about where to shop.


  1. It encourages you to become a more responsible credit card holder. A cash rebate is like free money to the responsible card user. One mistake that people make is always using their credit cards on all purchases, thinking that they will get something in return. Or at times they buy something they cannot afford. It will not make sense to receive a little something from a cash rebate when you have to pay high interest on your balance.


As the end-user of a certain product, the final decision still depends on you. So you will still be the one to choose which credit card to get. The best thing you can do is compare cards and pick one that you think offers the maximum benefits. Malaysian credit card companies have their own sets of reward programs, and you might want to check if your preferred bank offers cash rebates.

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5 Effective Ways To Manage Your Employees Without Micromanaging Them

October 31, 2016 Career Central  No comments

Two handsome businessmen working together on a project

Communication or task management applications such as Slack, Asana or Trello help you to manage your employees and stay updated on your project’s current progress, especially if your employees work remotely. Aside from relying on these applications, you can stay involved with your employees without micromanaging them with these five major drivers of employee engagement:1

  1. Be strict with deadlines and set project milestones To make sure that your projects run smoothly and for your employees to stay productive (without you having to check in on them all the time), set a strict deadline. Additionally, setting project milestones ensures that everyone is progressing with their tasks, and helps you to keep track of everything. As deadline approaches, you can check in on them as a reminder that their tasks are coming to an end. Having deadlines and project milestones allows you to stay updated with your employees without interfering with their workflow.2
  2. Set clear expectations on each of your project Redoing a project is a waste of time and money, not to mention emotionally draining and frustrating. Before you and your team proceed on a project, make sure that everyone knows and understands the expectations and guidelines given, and agreed to them. Remember to be specific on what you have in mind when assigning projects to your team. Give them a clear idea of what your expectations and intentions are. This will help you avoid less-than-stellar project outcome or miscommunication if everyone’s on the same page from day 1.Check_In
  3. Do a consistent and timely check-ins Checking in on your employees can be tricky, as too much of it could disrupt their workflow. Instead of checking in on them daily, set a schedule and let them know ahead of time. This will give them the impression that you trust them. Avoid impromptu check-ins as this will put your employees off and ruin their workflow.4
  4. Provide a constructive feedback When a project is completed but you thought it didn’t quite meet your expectations, set aside some time to give feedback to your employees. Be gentle when explaining how to improve the work and what needs to be done in different ways this time. This is better than redoing the project yourself, as it signals that you’re undermining your employees’ effort.5
  5. Trust your employees Putting your trust in your employees is crucial to make them stay engaged. Allow them space to grow, empower them to make decisions, and hold them accountable if their work doesn’t meet your expectations and guidelines.

In essence, micromanagement is a thing of the past. These days, technology has made it convenient for managers to effectively supervise their staff without micromanaging them most of the time. You also need to get creative when managing employees and facilitating a great work environment to ensure they stay engaged and trusted.

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Everything You Need to Know About SAT Tests in Singapore

December 8, 2014 Education Guides  No comments

The SAT, or Scholastic Assessment Test, is a standardized test widely used by universities in the United States to provide a baseline for college applicants. It is a requirement for the vast majority of colleges, but is sometimes replaceable by the ACT, or American College Testing examination.

The SAT has three components: Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing. The Mathematics (Or Quantitative) section tests high school mathematics knowledge up to the Geometry level, with some new editions also testing Algebra II and scatter plots. The majority of the questions are multiple choice, but there is one section with 10 grid-ins as well. All in all, there are three scored sections, amounting to a total of 800 points. Critical Reading involves vocabulary questions as well as a series of passages followed by analytic questions testing both comprehension and the ability to evaluate the material presented. As with the Math component, there are three scored Critical Reading sections, again amounting to a total possible of 800 points. FInally, the Writing section consists of an essay as well as two multiple choice sections testing language and grammar skills. Allowing for another 800 points, the highest possible overall score on the SAT is a 2400.

The SAT 2 Subject Tests target specific fields of knowledge. Though they are by and large not required by most universities for undergraduate consideration, if a student is confident in the material, a high score is yet another accolade to highlight on a resume.

Overall, the SAT is valued as a key indicator of a student’s ability to think logically and under pressure, as well as to provide consistent results. It’s a nearly four hour examination, so preparation is often highly stressed. Luckily, the test is offered internationally. If you’re looking to apply to American universities, there are options for the test to be delivered in your home country.

International students can register for the test online through CollegeBoard, by mail, or via an SAT International Representative. A more comprehensive description of this process is available on CollegeBoard’s website.

The address provided for the Singapore test center is in Union Building on Tras Street in Singapore. SAT Tests in Singapore can be taken here.

In terms of preparation, from books to private tutors to classes and online resources–there are a myriad of methods to prepare for this important examination. Based on your financial income, confidence in the material, and available time, prep can be adjusted by necessity. It is, however, a grueling exam to sit through, particularly if you are put off by formatting or lack of understanding of directions. Therefore, at the very least, taking a few practice tests is generally highly recommended.

Wishing you the best of luck with the SAT and with the college application process. Remember that though the importance of the test should not be under emphasized, a number does not define you as a candidate-follow the pursuit of education with unbridled thirst.

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3 Tips For Successful Completion Of Your Law Studies Program

December 1, 2014 Education Guides  No comments

If you’ve decided that pursuing a career in law is the most prudent professional decision for you to make, it’s important to note that attaining a high quality education is the first key to your success. Additionally, you should note that there are several strategies you can implement to ensure that you are successful in the completion of your law studies program. Here are three:


1. Meet With Your Professors Regularly.

This strategy is highly effective for numerous reasons, including that professors are more likely to give you a break when you develop a professional relationship with them (and also demonstrate consistency in coming to class on time and completing your assignments). Additionally, professors are often the first ones to gain important school-related information that could be of value to you, such as the emergence of scholarships.


2. Get Involved In A Study Group.

No matter how studious or internally motivated you are, there will likely be a few seasons during your academic career in which you don’t feel like studying. And this is why getting involved in a study group can be so advantageous for you. When you join a study group, you are accountable for studying on your own and being prepared to ask and answer questions with the group during previously determined times. Thus being in a study group keeps you on track to a good GPA and the successful completion of your coursework.


3. Exercise.

It is unfortunate to note that the majority of people are not involved in a consistent exercise program. This is disadvantageous for many reasons, including the fact that exercise enhances cognitive function. With this idea in mind, individuals who are preparing to pursue legal degrees should note that regular exercise can enhance their cognitive performance in the classroom. Since this is the case, you should make a point to find a physical activity you love (racquetball, running, cycling, yoga, etc.) and commit to doing it on a regular basis.


Summing It All Up

Once you’ve decided to get your bachelor of law – register here, it’s time to get mentally focused on realizing your goal. This means that you need to concentrate on developing good relationships with your professors, joining a good study group, and exercising regularly to optimize your health and enhance your cognitive performance. When you implement all three of these steps into your game plan, you will likely find that you are able to successfully complete your law studies program. Good luck!

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Tips for choosing the right debit or credit card

October 10, 2014 Wealth Management  No comments

If you are looking to compare credit cards, here is a smart way to keep your bills down. Inquire about the option of paying your bill twice per month. This strategy is especially beneficial if you are carrying a large balance and want to reduce the amount of interest in which you pay each month. A credit card company which allows you to make multiple payments each month will help you to raise your credit score quickly and effectively.

Protecting your identity is one of the most important things you can do when using your credit or debit card. Older cards primarily offered the magnetic strip form of scanning technology. This method of purchase authorization left your card vulnerable to double swiping and other dangerous scams. The newer generation of cards now has a chip which contains information about the purchase history of the card and other vital statistics pertaining to the cards use. You need to be familiar with the fraud protection policies of the card issuing company. It is essential to know the suspected fraud reporting process in order to minimize your potential damages.

It is helpful to be knowledgeable about the amount of money you will have to pay if you make a late payment. When using a debit card you should also inquire about the availability of overdraft protection. The protection is helpful for individuals who are prone to running their account close to a zero balance. You should also ask the card issuer of all credit cards if they will lower your interest rate as your credit score improves.

You may be interested in the cash back deals offered by card issuing companies. While these deals can put some extra money in your pocket they ultimately cause you to spend money in order to reach reward mile stones. This problem also presents itself with cards that offer frequent flyer miles and other reward programs. Make sure that you are reaching your monthly budget goals before concerning yourself with reward program points. Choosing the right card for yourself requires research. Understanding the benefits of the card you choose is essential to staying on track in terms of meeting your financial goals.



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