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Top 4 Tips to Getting Your Dream Architect Job in Malaysia

August 19, 2017 Job Application  No comments

Are you looking for an architect job in Malaysia but don’t quite know where to start? Here are the top 4  tips to help you land the job of your dreams.


  1. Take Time to Create a Winning Portfolio

Your portfolio is one of the most important aspects of your career as an architect. Being able to show potential employers the work you have done, or projects you have worked on is crucial in them choosing you. Let your portfolio speak for you. Let it be professional, and yet, personal.

All the work you did in university, any voluntary experience you have, or professional experience. Let it all shine through. Make your portfolio as authentic as possible, rich in your history, experiences, and architectural achievements.


  1. Distribute your CV, Resume, Portfolio Widely

Once you’ve put together your portfolio, your CV and or resume, it’s time to start dropping off copies. You can send your documents via e-mail to as many companies in Malaysia as you can. Seek online forums, and create links with people. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with potential employers.

Going to drop off your portfolio in person can also be a great way of making sure that the right person gets your documents. Drop your portfolio at companies that aren’t hiring – you never know when an opportunity may arise.


  1. Prepare Well for the Interview

Dress for the job that you’re interviewing for. No casual wear, no shorts, no open sandals. A suit and tie, well-polished shoes and neat hair will take you far. Remember first impressions count.

During the interview, don’t be afraid to speak confidently about your larger life goals, your aspirations, values and how you believe you are the right fit for the company.

Attend conferences and network with those in your industry. This will help you develop a sense of confidence, and you will be up to date with what’s happening in your field so that you won’t be caught off guard during your interview.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Change

There are so many disciplines in architecture; sometimes people believe that once they have chosen one, they only have to stick to that one. That’s not true. You may have chosen residential architecture as your forte, but this doesn’t mean you can’t explore other architectural areas. Apply for an architect job in Malaysia in another architecture discipline; you may be surprised that you are the right fit for that company.



Malaysia is a young country. There are millions still in need of adequate housing. There are hospitals, shopping malls, complexes, bridges still to be designed and built. Don’t lose hope on finding an architect job in Malaysia. Keep applying, and doors will open.

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5 Jobs in Taiping to Start Your New Role

June 19, 2017 Job Application  No comments

Image result for Taiping is known as the wettest town in Malaysia

Today, Taiping is known as the wettest town in Malaysia; however, in the 19th century, Taiping was known for tin. Investors flocked to Taiping to take advantage of this new discovery. These days, investors have a new found interest in Taiping because of its beautiful landscape and growth as a destination for fresh graduates to begin a career. Check out these 5 jobs that have a Taiping vacancy that can be your new role.

Tourism Associate

Related image

The Lake Garden and Night Safari Taiping attract thousands of visitors monthly that travel agencies and hotels are seeking tourism associates to bring guests around. Tourism associates will need superb customer service skills and be a great story teller.

Marketing Executive

Image result for Marketing Executive

Big brands are coming to Taiping Sentral Mall and AEON Mall Taiping. As more Taiping residents are becoming interested in shopping, brands need smart and creative marketing executive who can capture the market share of Taiping.

Personal Banker

Image result for Personal Banker

Maybank and OCBC Bank are just a few of the banks opening up several branches in Taiping to cater to the growing population. These banks are seeking personal bankers to sell  their financial products and be the financial advisors to the new residence.


Image result for Nurse

Taiping’s medical industry is a big one and with more people moving to Taiping, the healthcare industry is in need of more nurses. Nurses are in demand as they provide the service and patient care needed.

Project Manager

Image result for Project Manager

With low rent, factories are opening up all over Taiping. Manufacturing powerhouses like Latexx Manufacturing are seeking project managers to make sure demand, supply and projects are met and done on time.

If you’re seeking a good place to start a career and find a job, Taiping is the place to be. Check out these 5 thriving jobs and get hired in Taiping.

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4 Cool Tips For Finding An Awesome Job In Seremban, Malaysia

April 25, 2017 Job Application  No comments

As a bustling city, Seremban is among the top destinations around Malaysia where many people meet to grow their career profession and social life further. Its vast economic dynamism and the many multinational companies around promise a lucrative and attractive career to every job seeker. And just like in any other busy city, around Seremban it’s important for a person to learn a few things to enable them to find a potential job with more ease.

Below are a few cool tips and tricks for finding jobs around Seremban that you should try.


  1. Set goals first. Taking a pragmatic approach in every job hunt is important. You should approach every pending job as though you’re working on the job itself. Simply substantiate your goals and the necessary steps in between vital to help you find the job you’re seeking. You could start by creating a list of things you wish to do each week and what you want to accomplish every day.  For example, you may decide to find and apply for about three advertised positions this week. The following week you may choose to do something else that keeps you in line with your career hunting goals. Make sure your goals are a bit challenging but realistic at the same time, as this will give you a feeling of control and accomplishment.
  1. Develop an effective plan and take action. A great way of doing this is by keeping a record of all jobs you wish to apply for, including those you’re interested in. Thus, it’s vital to have a record of company details, names and contacts of people working in such enterprises, essential skills required and so on. Also, make sure your CV and cover letter are in place and assembled neatly together because employers will ask for these details to gauge your competence.


  1. Use potential sources to find job vacancies. There are many ways in which a person can hunt for job vacancies, but some work boards are more up-to-date than others. Some even display more job vacancies than others. Therefore, knowing about the most potential sources where employers love to advertise jobs is paramount. Places like the social media, local newspaper, and local job listing websites are some of the top sources where potential employers usually post jobs. Hunt for jobs in these places regularly to increase your chances of nailing an attractive job.
  1. And lastly, talk to friends. One of the best ways of landing a job of your dream is through networking. Talking to family and friends, or even a colleague can quickly help you seize a job being advertised around their workplace. Such people have easy access to a far wider range of potential people and job leads than you can imagine. So approach your friends and see whether they can find you someone who can fix you the job you’re looking for.


With the right means of finding a great job in Seremban, it’s easy to nail a dream career around the city without wasting much time. The place boasts a host of renowned global companies that employ potential staffs around Malaysia each year. This means job vacancies in Seremban are in great abundance. Whether you’re searching for work in the banking sector, tech industry, or sales profession you’re sure to find a prestigious job that suits you. Follow the handy tips shared in this guide to bring you up to speed, so you can fast-track the career you love the easiest way.

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Tips for Newbies: How to Jump Start Your Career as a Journalist

February 16, 2017 Job Application  No comments

The journalism field in Malaysia is one that has constant openings and opportunities for aspiring journalists like yourself. But it typically takes experience to land those jobs, which creates an obstacle for you when you are trying to break into the journalism field.There are many good journalism jobs in Malaysia

As with most fields, obtaining a college degree in journalism will give you your best chance at finding good journalism jobs in Malaysia. But even a bachelor’s degree in journalism won’t automatically land you a job. Fortunately, the following five steps can help you gain the experience necessary to land a job as a journalist for both online and paper publications:

  1. Do Internships – Many newspapers, magazines, and online publications typically offer internship opportunities for aspiring journalists. Often times, no pay is provided, but you can gain invaluable experience working directly with editors and seasoned reporters. You also gain invaluable contacts and references, who eventually could help you land a job.
  2. Cover Events – You don’t have to be with a specific publication to cover special events. That means you can take a camera and notepad and cover special events in your area and submit your freelance article to a relevant publication. You are well-advised to pitch a story idea first and learn the style of the publication in which you intend your story to run.You don't have to be with a specific publication to cover special events in journalism jobs
  3. Grow Your Clip File – When you apply for journalism jobs, you need to provide writing samples of your published works. That means you need to get published any way you can, even if you do not get paid for a particular article. The idea is to show your best and most current work and your ability to thoroughly write a news article or feature story.
  4. Join a Press Society – Malaysia has several societies and associations dedicated to the journalism field, such as the National Union of Journalists Peninsula Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific Association of Press Clubs. When you become a member of such associations, you can attend society functions, where you can interact with experienced journalists, editors, and publishers. You also will have access to job postings placed through the associations.
  5. Be Proactive In Your Search – You likely have some idea of which publications you find more personally interesting and for whom you would like to work for as a journalist. Instead of waiting for a job posting, you can compile your resume and writing clips and drop off a copy for the managing editor. Even if there are no job vacancies at the moment, you will impress a potential employer with your proactive approach, while showing the kind of initiative good journalists possess. When a job opening does arise, you might be the first one to be contacted.girl

Finding journalism jobs requires a combination of tenacity, skill, and luck. You need to seize the initiative in your job search in order to learn where vacancies exist and to make the professional connections needed to get an interview and land a job.

Meanwhile, you need to grow your clip file of published works, so that your prospective publisher can see what you have to offer and get an idea of your writing style and reporting skills. The idea is to network, become known, and land one of the latest journalism jobs in Malaysia.

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Top 5 Tips To Break Into Business Development Path

January 11, 2017 Job Application  No comments

A solid business development is one of the most crucial aspects that will determine the growth of a company and help gain traction. Due to the competitive landscape, you need to be fully-equipped with good credentials and a string of soft skills and hard skills, in order to rise to the top. Find out the five best tips to break into the business development path in Malaysia:

  1. Meet the basic requirement

For those who are keen on business development, one of the easiest ways for you to break into the industry is to gain some knowledge or experience in corporate sales or finance. For an entry-level position, the minimum requirement is a BS or a BA. For senior or upper management positions, an MBA might help, though you must have at least five or more years of working experience in sales or business development. In some cases you can skip all of these and start from the bottom by undergoing an internship, provided you have some knowledge and skills. If you aim to work at high-tech companies, it’s best to have a technical background.

  1. Have solid soft skills and hard skillsYou must always come fully-equipped with the right soft skills and hard skills in sales and marketing sectors

To survive and thrive in the competitive landscape, you must always come fully-equipped with the right soft skills and hard skills. The seven skills you must always have if you want to work in business development are: business sharpness, computer skills, strategic analysis and research skills, project management skills, negotiation and persuasion skills, collaboration skills, and communication and interpersonal skills. If you’re solid in these skills, you’ll go places.

  1. Get your foot in the door: internship

Whether you have a formal qualification or not, an internship could do wonders in paving your career path in business development. You get to learn the basics hands-on, such as gaining sponsors, creating marketing collateral, and forming partnerships with other companies, organizations, or institutions; and see whether you’re the right fit. If you excel during your internship, you’ll have more doors open for you, like getting a promotion as an assistant or a junior executive.

  1. Be on the lookout for new opportunitiesGet your foot in as intern in sales and marketing job and be on the lookout for new opportunities

While interning, always keep your eyes and ears open. Try to mingle and network whenever you can. Also, if you’re visiting a business conference or event, talk to other exhibitors or participants. A lot of times the best employment opportunities are the ones that aren’t advertised. Ask for a company’s contact and hone your elevator-pitch info.

  1. Reach out to the founders

Sometimes being bold makes you stand out in a positive light. Reach out to the founders of companies you’d like to work at. If done right, you may even be offered an amazing position by the company’s founder. Be tasteful when reaching out to them, and make sure it’s the right timing. Let them know of your missions that align well with the company’s.

Bear these tips in mind when you’re looking for sales & marketing jobs in Malaysia. If you lack any of the basic requirement or skills, find an alternative and look for ways to up-skill yourself. Though having a formal qualification could help you get in the door, it doesn’t completely determine your success in paving a career path in business development, as there are many others who break into the industry without a formal education. It all boils down to hard work.

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All About Accounting – The 5 Best Industries in Malaysia to Work in as an Accountant

December 12, 2016 Job Application  No comments

Businessman Using Calculator

Every industry needs an accountant, mainly because every business operates with the goal of making a profit. In order to make the most of available funds, and to maximize returns, companies hire accountants to manage whatever finances flow in and out of their enterprise. In Malaysia, accountants are always in demand, and that makes it easy for fresh graduates to find their place in the overwhelming world of employment. However, not every industry will give you the best experience or pay rate. Wondering which niche to explore in Malaysia as an accountant? These 5 options are your best bet.

  1. Automotive Rentals – In some parts of Malaysia, transportation can be limited. For instance, Kuching – one of the main business districts of the country – operates without a train system. This can make it tough for commuters to get around, especially without a car. Because of this heightened need, ride-sharing applications have boomed in recent years. Many companies that offer the service are now seeing a steady surge in demand, and of course, with that comes great opportunities for eager accountants.
  2. Digital and Internet-Based Services – Malaysia is gearing towards more advanced tech solutions in an effort to follow global trends. With more emphasis placed on online methods of sales and marketing, digital solutions service providers are enjoying a lofty place in the Malaysian economy. That’s why these days, when you go out to look for accounting jobs in Malaysia, many of them will revolve around managing finances for online services.Accounting jobs in digital and internet based services in Malaysia will revolve managing finances
  3. Mining – One of the top providers for tin products worldwide is Malaysia, and that’s why the mining industry has always been among the top performing in the economy. While it can be a challenge, the mining industry also offers great benefits, experience, and salary rates for accountants willing to take on the struggle. As an accountant, it will be your responsibility to make sure that all overhead costs are kept at a minimum, to bring down the cost and to catch the attention of international buyers.
  4. Tourism – It’s no secret that Malaysia is one of the hottest vacation and tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, and that won’t change any time soon. There are two peak seasons in the Malaysia tourism industry. These are in summer, when many families go out for vacations; and in December, when people from places with colder climates go out to look for sunny skies. By working as an accountant for a travel agency, it will be your job to manage overhead, and to come up with promotions and discounts for eager travelers.
  5. Real Estate – Many people looking for property investments often look yonder to Malaysia in search of prime estate options. Plus, with condos and apartments becoming more and more available, buyers are becoming more willing to make purchases, thanks to the affordable costs. In this industry, accountants can enjoy a busy yet fulfilling role, coming up with prices, and working hand in hand with real estate enterprises, to bring the best deals for both sellers and buyers.Accountants job can enjoy a busy yet fulfilling role in real estate industry

Being an accountant can be a challenge, but working in the right industry can make it all worth it. Check out these 5 Malaysian industries, find your niche in the world of accounting, and bring yourself one step up on your climb to career success.

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