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Top 5 International Boarding Schools in Malaysia in 2017

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Malaysia is among the top countries in Asia with the most number of international students. According to the ISC Research, there is a total of 170 international schools in Malaysia as of 2017. This comes as no surprise, as the demand for international schools in Asia continues to rise.

If you are planning to move to Malaysia and are looking for the best school for your kids, here are the five leading international schools to choose from:

  1. Marlborough College Malaysia

The school is one of the biggest international schools all over Malaysia. Located on a 90-acre estate in Iskandar, Marlborough College in Malaysia offers their boarding facilities to pupils in Year 5 and above. They aim to help their students develop meaningful and healthy relationships through their international boarding school.

  1. Nexus International School Malaysia

Operating since 2008, the Nexus International School prides itself with an Apple Distinguished School Award. The said recognition was given to only three schools in South Asia. Nexus is also the top option among many expats because it is located just 35 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Their boarding experiences include after-school activities, routine activities, and peer-to-peer camaraderie.

  1. Prince of Wales Island International School

POWIIS is dedicated to bringing the best of British education system into an authentic Malaysian context. Their boarding schools are known for having outstanding modern facilities. They assure that there are always domestic staff members available to help the students adjust to their new life outside the home.

  1. Cempaka International Ladies’ College

Founded in 2009, the CILC serves as the first private all-girls boarding school all over Selangor. This all-girls boarding school in Sepang currently has four boarding houses that comprise girls from all levels. The school follows the British and European educational system with a combination of rich cultural diversity of the region.

  1. Epsom College in Malaysia

The Epsom College, one of the oldest co-educational schools in Southern England, opened its Malaysia campus in 2014. Now the Bandar Enstek campus is successfully operating as a day school and boarding school. Boarding is offered to children aged 11 to 18, to prepare them for the world beyond their home. Each Boarding House has a study bedroom and communal areas such as kitchen areas, TV rooms, and laundry areas.

Have you chosen the best international boarding school for your child? We suggest you contact and make a visit to each of the schools listed above to help you make your decision!

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5 Things to Expect in an International Boarding School

June 26, 2017 Education  No comments

There is a rise in international schools in Malaysia as more and more parents are preparing their children to globalization. Are you interested in sending your child to an international school, and at the same time wants to give him a more nurturing environment? You can do so by enrolling him in an international boarding school. Does the concept of an international school sound new to you? Here are some things you can expect:

  1. Experienced teachers

Teachers of international schools are required to have certified training qualifications. The school shall provide training in case the teacher has not received a subject teaching certification from an international affiliate. There is a small teacher to student ratio so you can expect enhanced learning and that each student gets noticed.

  1. Higher tuition fees

It goes without saying that you have to pay a hefty sum for a year’s worth of learning in an international boarding school. The cost of full boarding ranges from RM13,000 – RM50,000 per term. Take note that schools have different terms. Some have one, some have two, and others have three terms in a year. These rates often do not include the extras, such as books and school uniforms.

  1. Modern Facilities

The good thing is you get what you pay for. Expect spacious accommodation for your child. Your child will have the right to participate in co-curricular activities, as well as use the school facilities because you pay for it.

  1. Wide range of extra-curricular activities

International boarding schools do not only focus on academics. There is an extensive list of activities that will keep your child engaged during his stay in the school. The Prince of Wales Island International School, for instance, allows their boarding students to extend their activities in the evenings or weekends as part of their Residential Programme.

  1. Larger network

Your child may have a hard time adjusting to a boarding school at first. But later on, he will learn to befriend others since they do everything together most of the time. As his network expands, he will have a better understanding of other culture and beliefs.

Your experience will vary from school to school. In case you have a prospect school right now, it is best to book a tour. This gives you a real idea of the kind of facilities and activities a school offers.


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How to Pursue an Early Childhood Education Course in Malaysia

June 1, 2017 Education  No comments

If you come from a big family where you spend a lot of time dealing with children, you’ll find yourself playing with and lecturing them—from how to build a Lego truck, to helping them count to ten. You find a deep connection with these kids and most of all, you enjoy every bit of it.  If you’re the type who enjoys being around children and you aim to play an active role in shaping this generation’s future, you may want to explore the opportunities of Early Childhood Education course in Malaysia.  What Is Early Childhood Education?  Early Childhood Education is a degree in education that caters to infants (0-1 years), toddlers (1-2 years) and young children (3-8 years or preschool to middle school children). Early care for children preps them for success in higher learning. As everyone knows, these early stages of a child are critical to learning. These are the years where they quickly pick up cues and actions from their environment which can significantly impact their development as they grow.  The course concentrates on improving and honing the child’s learning and cognitive skill, motor skill, and social growth. This means developing their knowledge and actions from memory, to movement, to making friends.  What Will The Degree Cover? Early Childhood Education course in Malaysia, like other countries, will help you understand and expand your knowledge on how a child thinks, learns, develop, and behaves. The course will illustrate teaching strategies in engaging a child in learning and getting their attention, such as through the form of playing.  If you peek at the course chart, there you’ll see various subjects in the vein of Language and Literacy, Child Development, Communication courses, Lecture Planning, Child Care, and the likes. Of course, like other courses, the degree will require an internship or hands-on training where you can apply your acquired knowledge and practice real-life application of your degree. How Long Will It Take to Finish The Course? Early Childhood Education course in Malaysia takes about three years to finish. On the other hand, a Diploma of the course takes 2 to 2.5 years—this is a requirement to all preschool and kindergarten educators.   Qualifications for the course are: 1. SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, also called the Malaysian Certificate of Education)  2. Pre-University Qualification  Students who wish to pursue the course should maintain good grades, especially in Mathematics and English. Qualifications and other entry requirements vary on universities, so we advise you do your research well.

Children with teacher draw paints in play room. Child care.

Why Should You Pursue a Degree in Childhood Education? Because you care for this generation’s children and their future; and you want them to have the quality education they deserve.   1. You have a great sense of humor Kids like having fun which makes one of your best skills—to make children laugh and at the same time, learn—makes you a great fit for this course. You want to mentor these kids in a way that is fun and would help develop the structural and functional part of their brain.  2. You are enthusiastic to teach and learn A fun and enthusiastic teacher make all the hardships kids likely experience in their early years (i.e. difficulty in socializing) lighter. Your love of learning and educating inspire these kids; a passionate teacher makes a good role model for the young. 3. You adore children You find joy in playing with and teaching children, as well as learning from them. Early childhood is a crucial part in kid’s brain development.  If you want to be the one guiding them towards the right path, Early Childhood Education will suit you. 4. You aim to nurture young leaders There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing the children you mentor grow up into successful, fierce leaders in their own way. Pursuing this degree will open your eyes to these children’s dreams, it’s a fulfilling experience. You need to have genuine patience, passion for teaching, and dedication to the children if you aim to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education. If you’re interested in learning more, there are a lot of universities that offers education course in Malaysia which you can visit and read more about for your perusal.

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