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Tips To Sell Crafts Online

December 7, 2013 BusinessMarketing TipsStartup Biz  No comments

People who enjoy making crafts can earn extra income by selling their creations online. There are now many possibilities for doing this, but it takes a certain amount of effort, research and perseverance to succeed. The following tips can help anyone sell their crafts online, either on a part time or full time basis.


Create a Memorable Shop Name

The most successful sellers online are usually people who know how to brand themselves. Whether one sells from a personal website or a third party site, it’s important to come up with a shop name that people can easily recognize. This serves several purposes. A catchy name encourage people to visit the site in the first place. It also gives them something to remember so they are more likely to return. Finally, it’s useful for offline marketing, such as flyers, business cards or classified ads.






Be Sociable

For people wondering how to sell crafts online, it’s advisable to do plenty of socialising as well as selling. This can be done on forums, blogs and social media sites. While it’s fine for a seller to mention that he or she has a site, it’s also good to make helpful and friendly posts. In forums, it’s usually permissible to list a website in a signature. This way, it’s possible to engage in community building while indirectly advertising one’s own site.


Sarahhenderson.github.ip Crafty Social Button for Website

Sarahhenderson.github.ip Crafty Social Button for Website



Promote Both Online and Offline

Even if the focus is on selling items online, that doesn’t mean that it’s not beneficial to promote oneself offline as well. This is one of the reasons it’s helpful to own a domain, preferably one that’s relatively short and easy to remember. Such a website URL is much easier to promote offline than one that contains a long string of characters. Placing flyers on bulletin boards, handing out business cards and simply telling other people about the website can all help bring traffic there.

Vendors who sell crafts at flea market or other venues can also promote their online store by handing out flyers or brochures to people passing by. In many cases, someone who doesn’t purchase something immediately may visit the website and buy something later on.


Take Quality Pictures

In order to persuade potential customers to purchase crafts online, it’s essential to have good quality photographs. This is the only way that people can decide if they really like something or not. Furthermore, if a picture is fuzzy or difficult to see, it reflects poorly on the seller. Visitors may conclude that the person doesn’t put much effort into the enterprise.

Craft Photo



Offer Customised Items

One of the best ways for craftspeople to develop good relationships with customers is to offer customized work. While many people are happy to buy items that are pre-made, it’s always nice to have something special made from scratch. This is especially good when someone is looking for a memorable gift. Be sure to advertise that you are glad to create customized items for customers.


Personalised Grandpa Crafts



Selling Crafts Online Can Be Fun and Profitable

There are now more opportunities than ever before to sell crafts on the internet. Most people start off slowly, but it’s possible to turn it into a serious business if one is determined. Try This!! EasyStore free e-commerce website. is a FREE e-commerce platform for us to create online store with ease! is a FREE e-commerce platform for us to create online store with ease!


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How To Set Up A Trading Company In Singapore

September 8, 2013 BusinessStartup Biz

Singapore is a prized location in Asia to start a trading business. The economy in this nation has been quite strong and the costs of doing business are reasonable. For those wishing to open a trading business here, there are a few steps that do have to be followed. None of these steps are very complicated, but none of them can be skipped.

The very first step would be to incorporate the trading company. The way a trading company is incorporated is no different than any other type of business. So, there are no complexities to worry about here. Visiting is advised for importer/exporters concerned about how to go about this process. Valuable information on cheap company incorporation can be gained at this site.


Company Registration Singapore - Free Guide On Setting Up Business In Singapore

Company Registration Singapore – Free Guide On Setting Up Business In Singapore

The next step is to register with customs. In order to import, export, and trade goods in Singapore, an entrepreneur must register with customs. As long as the registration process is done correctly, an approval may be awarded within 24 to 48 hours. For those in need of help with registration, visiting can be helpful. Anyone hoping to have the registration process done quickly and without errors will find what the service offers to those unsure how to register to be invaluable.

The acquisition of the necessary licenses and permits has to be done before actually launching the business. Different goods are going to require different permits and licenses. The various categories range from controlled goods to strategic goods to high tech goods and more. All importers/exporters must acquire an IN/OUT permit. The IN permit covers the importing of goods into Singapore and the OUT permit covers exports.

The government of Singapore does not make it difficult to open a trading company within its borders. The process to do so does entail following a number of deliberate steps. Adherence and compliance with these steps is a must and those who follow the rules can establish their new trading business in a relatively short period of time.


ACRA - Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

ACRA – Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

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