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Three Tips for Every Online Entrepreneur

February 10, 2016 BusinessOffice Solutions  No comments


The world of online business has plenty of room for everyone who wants to deliver a great product or service. However, you must market yourself in the right way in order to get the attention of the audience that can actually afford your offering! Here are three tips for every online entrepreneur.

– The virtual office can save you thousands of dollars per year. 

You do not need a physical storefront in order to do business anymore! The virtual business office has completely replaced the brick and mortar store in some industries. Even your address can be a virtual address. Look into the technology and imagine how you would be able to redirect funds that you did not have to spend on rent and real estate insurance, among other things.

On top of that, if you think it is necessary to have your business registered, you can also consider a Malaysia business registration here.


– Partner with a good merchant services company. 

Many new online business people think that accepting digital payments is somehow difficult to do. Actually, this is not something that you need to deal with in detail. If you have the right merchant services partner, you immediately expand your ability to take money from customers, most of whom do not prefer to pay in cash in the modern commercial landscape.

– Keep the personal touch as you automate your processes.

Even though you can automate virtually all of your communications, you need to make sure that they are personal as well. The business people with the most loyal customer base make it a priority to maintain a personal relationship with their most important customers no matter what. This can be done through a digital platform like Periscope or Youtube.

The tips above are used by Fortune 500 companies successfully. However, these are not the only things that you can do to make your online venture successful. Your success depends on your ability to move with the times, the technology and the audience that you serve!


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Office Management Tips That Will Lead to an Efficient and Productive Workplace

April 15, 2015 BusinessOffice Solutions  No comments

Managing an entire office can be a daunting task. You need to be aware of many things from scheduling and employee disputes to performance metrics. Poor management can result in a disenfranchised workforce and an ineffectual office. Several office management tips will lead to an efficient and productive workplace.




Always Look For Ways to Refine Processes

You need to constantly look for ways to refine the work processes in the office. This involves reviewing how different tasks are done. Try to isolate inefficiencies, redundancies and unnecessary steps. Streamline the work processes in the office as much as possible. This will lead to increased productivity. It will also make your employees happier since jobs will be completed much faster.


Reviewing how different tasks are done


Do Not Overburden Yourself with Tasks

It is easy to become overburdened with work when you are managing an office. If you are overburdened, then you are going to be a less effective manager. You will forget or miss things. This could lower morale and affect productivity. If you feel overburdened, then examine what you are doing. Eliminate any unnecessary tasks. Delegate other tasks to capable employees so that you are free to focus more on office management.


Delegate other tasks to capable employees


Ask For and Respond To Feedback

Your employees are on the front lines of the office every day. They are seeing and hearing unique things that you might never have a chance to experience. This is why you need to ask for and respond to feedback in the office. You want your employees to let you know when they have an idea or a problem. Respond to the feedback promptly even if you do not have an answer. Feedback creates trust and engages employees.

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Give Employees the Tools Needed

Something that can be frustrating is working in an office where employees do not have the tools necessary to do the job. You need to ensure that every employee has the tools needed. This could mean buying more equipment or moving into a fully serviced office where there is already an infrastructure in place. If you give employees all the right tools, then there will be higher morale and better productivity in the workplace.



Have Recovery Plans in Place

You need to develop recovery plans for your office. These are plans that show exactly how you will recover and continue operating in the event of a natural disaster, fire or other emergency. Recovery plans mitigate losses and protect the business. They also instill confidence in employees who see that there is a concrete plan of action in the event of a disaster.




Stay Involved and Engaged

You need to stay involved and engaged with the workforce as an office manager. You should be highly visible. Walk through the office and talk to the employees. Get involved when there are issues with the business or with customers. Schedule informal meetings or lunches to get feedback and learn more about the employees. If you are involved and engaged, then your employees will take more ownership of their jobs.


Lunch Meeting


Reward Success and Innovation

You need to reward success and innovation in the office. You can do this for individual people who perform exceptionally or for the entire office if a project is completed on time and under budget. The rewards can be simple plaques, gift card or even time off from work. Rewarding success and innovation will keep your employees motivated to work harder and meet all the goals set forth by the business.

Office management is about juggling responsibilities and meeting goals. You need to take charge of the office without becoming overwhelmed by the small things. These tips will help you to have a motivated workforce and an organised office contributing to the overall success of the larger business.

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Minimizing the cost of your office use

March 1, 2015 Office Solutions  No comments

Office interior

There’s a great deal of new competition across all industries. In order to compete in the modern business landscape, businesses must minimize every cost that they possibly can.

Some of the most effective ways to minimize costs are completely overlooked by business owners because they believe that there is no way that the liability could be minimized. Having an office space is one such cost.

With virtual offices, there is no reason that any business that cannot afford a day-to-day office needs to have one. The virtual office provides a professional front for a business without the overhead and rental costs of actually having to maintain a physical space.

Clients and suppliers will see a real physical address along with a beautiful office online. They will be able to send correspondence to a mailing address or to an email. However, there will not be any extra costs incurred by the business to maintain the physical space just to have this professional setup. Everything is completely digital and can be administrated online.


A virtual office goes hand-in-hand with virtual assistants as well. If you are taking advantage of the many companies that can provide you with administration and operations help without having to pay absurd healthcare and pension costs, then you know the true value of virtualizing your business is much as possible. It is time for you to take the next step so that you can compete with the leaders in your industry.

Servcorp Malaysia serviced offices give you the option for a top notch virtual office that will maintain your professional demeanor and minimize your costs. In the digital age, there is very little reason to spend money on physical property when you do not have to. Make sure you’re keeping up with your competition by minimizing your hardware and real estate rental costs through a virtual office.

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Add More Mobility to the Way that You Work

January 29, 2014 BusinessOffice Solutions  No comments

There is no questioning the fact that the way that people work and do business has changed drastically over the last 10 years. The traditional model of business and work performance has evolved in a number of ways. The rapid advancement in technology has played a major role as a catalyst in this change. One of the greatest benefits to this these changes is the ability to be more mobile in the execution of your job.

Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or you are running your own company there are a number of ways that you can increase your mobility, allowing you to work virtually from anywhere. The days of being tied to a desk have been replaced by high-mobility and increased functionality and productivity.

There are a number of ways to increase your mobility without losing your productive edge. In fact, there are many ways that you can become mobile and actually increase your productivity. The newer business models that incorporate the tools and assets that are available are becoming progressively less location dependent. There are some simple ways that you can add mobility to the way that you work.


Cloud Interfaces

Cloud computing has provided a number of business solutions that free companies and workers from having to be so centralized. Networks can be accessed remotely, allowing employees and owners to work from the field or from home. You can also collaborate with colleagues and employees who are in different locations. Using a number of cloud services that allow you to access and use software and programs through your browser without downloading it provides the power to set you free.





Meeting Rooms around the World

Another way that you can add mobility to your work is by exploiting the advantage of meeting rooms for rent. No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to have access to meeting rooms that will allow you to meet with potential clients or partners to discuss and close deals. You no longer have to be at the home office to set up the conference room. These “meeting room” companies will take care all of the accommodations based on your specifications and needs. This allows you to hold meetings on the move while creating a familiar environment.




Mobility does not mean that you have to sacrifice productivity and effectiveness; it simply means that the barriers associated with location dependency have been removed, opening up an entire world of independence.

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