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An Overview of Optimizing Landing Pages

January 17, 2014 BusinessMarketing Tips  No comments

When new business owners are ultimately trying to drive traffic to their sites, they will surely want to consider certain advertising techniques. By crafting articles, blog entries and landing pages that contain relevant keywords, companies can attract prospective customers. Businesses that are able to move up in the Google rankings will generally see more sales. In a world where competition can be incredibly fierce, fledgling companies will want to obtain every possible advantage. Whether men and women wish to sell medical devices, pet food, auto parts, vegetable seeds or used books, they will want to tailor their marketing strategies to certain target demographics.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

When people are attempting to use SEO techniques correctly, they will need to carefully consider the things that people are most likely to search for. Most companies, for example, are primarily concerned with text searches. To increase their Google rankings, they might write a number of different articles and blog posts that are filled with industry-specific keywords. Businesses might also consider customers who may be hunting for videos or images. In other cases, professional researchers might be looking specifically for articles that are indexed within a certain scholarly journal’s database. Versatility and innovative thinking are the keys to achieving higher rankings.


Updated Content

When companies are looking for info on optimizing landing pages, they will want to update their content as much as possible. This is why blog entries can be so crucial. When search engines recognize that certain websites are providing new content to consumers, those sites will move up in the rankings. Updated content, in short, means that a site is active. When sites sit inactive for long periods of time, Google tends to recognize that these entities are likely robots. Adding links to other pages within the site can also help a businesses improve its rankings.


KeepCalmConversion Rates

Business owners are nearly always eminently concerned with conversion rates. Although drawing large amounts of traffic to a specific site will be of primary importance, business owners will ultimately want to convert visitors into paying customers. Site browsers who immediately leave without taking further action will not be counted as paying customers. If a company’s conversion rate is low, managers will likely need to tweak their marketing strategies going forward. Targeted offers, user-generated ratings and product recommendations can all improve the conversion rate. Proactive chats with company representatives will likewise provide prospective customers with personalized guidance that may lead to a sale.


International Markets

Because competition has become so ferocious, business owners will need to be constantly thinking about how they can reach more customers. While Google is the predominant search engine in the United States and Europe, it lags behind other SEO firms in China, Japan, Russia and several other countries. To reach audiences all across the world, businesses will almost surely require assistance from SEO professionals.


Social Media

Companies that specialize in SEO optimization can help their clients tap into social media. By linking their sites to Facebook and Twitter, for example, business owners will be able to reach a younger demographic. In fact, because Facebook and Twitter are used by so many people across the globe, new businesses would be remiss to shun them. When calibrated correctly, social media pages can provide huge revenue boosts.


Choosing a Reputable Partner

Fledgling business owners will undoubtedly want help from reputable companies when they are setting up viable landing pages. The best contractors will be eminently skilled with electronic technology and will be able to develop robust plans of action. Individuals who are searching for guidance should strongly consider for assistance as they move forward.

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Tips To Sell Crafts Online

December 7, 2013 BusinessMarketing TipsStartup Biz  No comments

People who enjoy making crafts can earn extra income by selling their creations online. There are now many possibilities for doing this, but it takes a certain amount of effort, research and perseverance to succeed. The following tips can help anyone sell their crafts online, either on a part time or full time basis.


Create a Memorable Shop Name

The most successful sellers online are usually people who know how to brand themselves. Whether one sells from a personal website or a third party site, it’s important to come up with a shop name that people can easily recognize. This serves several purposes. A catchy name encourage people to visit the site in the first place. It also gives them something to remember so they are more likely to return. Finally, it’s useful for offline marketing, such as flyers, business cards or classified ads.






Be Sociable

For people wondering how to sell crafts online, it’s advisable to do plenty of socialising as well as selling. This can be done on forums, blogs and social media sites. While it’s fine for a seller to mention that he or she has a site, it’s also good to make helpful and friendly posts. In forums, it’s usually permissible to list a website in a signature. This way, it’s possible to engage in community building while indirectly advertising one’s own site.


Sarahhenderson.github.ip Crafty Social Button for Website

Sarahhenderson.github.ip Crafty Social Button for Website



Promote Both Online and Offline

Even if the focus is on selling items online, that doesn’t mean that it’s not beneficial to promote oneself offline as well. This is one of the reasons it’s helpful to own a domain, preferably one that’s relatively short and easy to remember. Such a website URL is much easier to promote offline than one that contains a long string of characters. Placing flyers on bulletin boards, handing out business cards and simply telling other people about the website can all help bring traffic there.

Vendors who sell crafts at flea market or other venues can also promote their online store by handing out flyers or brochures to people passing by. In many cases, someone who doesn’t purchase something immediately may visit the website and buy something later on.


Take Quality Pictures

In order to persuade potential customers to purchase crafts online, it’s essential to have good quality photographs. This is the only way that people can decide if they really like something or not. Furthermore, if a picture is fuzzy or difficult to see, it reflects poorly on the seller. Visitors may conclude that the person doesn’t put much effort into the enterprise.

Craft Photo



Offer Customised Items

One of the best ways for craftspeople to develop good relationships with customers is to offer customized work. While many people are happy to buy items that are pre-made, it’s always nice to have something special made from scratch. This is especially good when someone is looking for a memorable gift. Be sure to advertise that you are glad to create customized items for customers.


Personalised Grandpa Crafts



Selling Crafts Online Can Be Fun and Profitable

There are now more opportunities than ever before to sell crafts on the internet. Most people start off slowly, but it’s possible to turn it into a serious business if one is determined. Try This!! EasyStore free e-commerce website. is a FREE e-commerce platform for us to create online store with ease! is a FREE e-commerce platform for us to create online store with ease!


Don’t miss this >> 5 Simple Tips For Online Store Success

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Facebook E-commerce: A Platform for Social Entrepreneurs

September 30, 2013 BusinessMarketing Tips

Social media is already known to be a great arena for marketing and building brand awareness; however, the growth of Facebook e-commerce, sometimes called F-commerce, suggests that these platforms can also be used to turn a profit (info source: How Giant Retailers Are Using Facebook To Expand Customer Base). Apps that enable users to create Facebook storefronts or standalone eStores have become increasingly popular among online retailers. While Facebook doesn’t divulge statistics about how many vendors use their platform, the number of e-commerce apps being developed suggests that the trend is clearly on the upswing. Let’s look at these different ways to monetize your business’s Facebook page, and see why Facebook e-commerce works so well.

For businesses interested in driving traffic to their existing online store, Facebook storefront apps allow users to display a portfolio of their products on their Facebook page. When customers click on “Buy” or “Add to Cart”, they are sent to the business’s website to complete the transaction. Pricing varies from vendor to vendor; many of these apps also allow users to customize the look and feel of their portfolio for an additional fee.

Other apps, known as eStores, allow users to make purchases without ever leaving Facebook. If you’re looking to build your Facebook fan base, having an eStore is a great way to do so, especially if customers need to “like” the page during the buying process. Facebook eStores are also attractive options for businesses who lack e-commerce functionality on their websites.

The ability to harness the engagement you already have with your Facebook fans and turn that rapport into transactions is a big part of why it works so well; however, there are still some considerations to keep in mind. When selecting any type of Facebook eCommerce technology, check to see if it relies on Flash. Committing to Flash-based functionality will make it difficult for users of Apple products to view your storefront or eStore. Also, it’s important to first develop engagement and interaction with your Facebook fans before attempting to monetize your Facebook page. Offering secret deals, exclusive promotions, and downloadable coupons are great ways to create buzz and increase sales.

As you can see, Facebook e-commerce offers great potential for social entrepreneurs. Whether you have a long-standing business or a fledgling startup, the advantages of selling on Facebook are clear. With time and effort, your business’s Facebook presence can be both a powerful sales tool as well as a marketing and customer-retention tool.


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Tips For Choosing The Best Media For Your Poster Printing

December 21, 2012 BusinessMarketing Tips

These are the essential tips for choosing the best media for your poster printing needs. If you are going to rush the printing process, then do not waste your money on high quality printing. Rushed jobs always have errors or color problems, just don’t rush anything. If it takes an extra few hours or even a day to get your prints, consider it worth having the printing company take their time.

Graphically, you want to be prepared. Have your company logo in a digital ready format, along with any product images or other important items. Make sure your text is ready with headers, titles and fonts. Then be sure to double check key information like email addresses, telephone numbers and mailing address. These are all things that are needed complete and ahead of the printing process.

When considering the best printing options, there are several issues to consider ahead of the printing process. Planning print sizes will be used, is a very important step. The larger the print size, the more solid the support paper or media needs to be. When printing it is advisable to print both a glossy and a matte finish for posters. Glossy is bright reflective and is not as good for direct lighting. Matted works just the opposite. No matter what your venue, one or the other will end up working best. Try a few media out.

Finally, always make sure to ask those with expertise to help you. Ask the employees where your printing will be done lots of questions. It is their job and they can make recommendations based on the equipment they use, plus they have experience doing it everyday. Printing is no small chore, so make sure your planning is complete and that you are prepared for some last minute changes.

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When Should You Outsource Your SEO Campaigns?

October 21, 2012 BusinessMarketing Tips

There are times that you’d realize that it’s better off to let others do something for you rather than play hero and do things on your own. That’s essentially true especially when you’re  doing your search engine results by yourself. When is it time for you to find an SEO company and let them do the job for you? Here are the instances in which you’re better off outsourcing your search engine marketing rather than fuss about it by yourself.

You’re Not Seeing Success!

Have you been doing your search engine marketing for a bit of time and yet you’re not seeing results at all? You may be doing it wrong! A good SEO campaign could give you results as soon as possible, especialy when the keywords you’ve chosen are the ones that are best for your business. You may have done something wrong along the way, like choosing the wrong keywords to optimize your website on. That’s why you’re not seeing any traffic to your website at all despite your best efforts at optimizing your business website for the search engines.

What should you do? Well, you should go ahead and hire an SEO company to do your search engine marketing for you! You could gain back that wasted time and perhaps money with the traffic that these companies can give you.

You’ve Spent Way Too Much Money Already

When you do your processes in-house, you’d have to spend some money on operational expenses. These would include employee salaries, which you’d have to pay by law while they’re employed even though you’re not seeing any results from their work. It’s your obligation after all. You’d also have to provide for their benefits as well like Medicare and sick leave. In short, you’re spending money but you’re not getting anything in return because your SEO processes are not working out. You’re losing money, which is not a good predicament for a company to be in. You’re there to earn money after all, not lose it.

That’s when you should also think about hiring an SEO company to take care of you. You don’t have to pay employees to do that work for you, because salaries and employee benefits are a concern only for the SEO company, and no longer yours. In return, you get to save money and earn money as well because these companies are experts and can effectively do the job for you.

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How Your SEO Skills Will Enable You to Sell Online

February 20, 2012 BusinessMarketing Tips

The reason why SEO techniques are widely used to drive more sales and more profit your way is that more and more people have come to recognize the power of the internet when it is used in marketing. As a matter of fact, it is very important that you learn about all the search engine optimization techniques that you can get your hands of, especially if you are running and managing your own business. Here are some of the best ways through which you can use you search engine optimization skills for your benefit. Using the appropriate techniques when necessary will not only help you boost your sales but it will also allow you to establish a solid reputation for yourself. With the following pointers, there is no doubt that you would be able to reap more profits from your business.

First and foremost, you would be able to use the appropriate SEO techniques to make your website more visible both to the members of your target market and to potential business partners and affiliates. After all, the main point of putting up your own website is to boost your reputation and to enable more people to learn about your different products and services. However, even having the best website content will not allow you to achieve this task if you do not use the appropriate techniques in getting the right number of visitors that you need. Employing the appropriate search engine optimization tactics will allow you to see to it that you get your message across to the right parties. This will not only allow you to make more profit, but it will also help you to make your marketing plan as effective as possible.

As it has been said before, using the right techniques will allow you to solidify your authority in your field. Since more and more people will be able to access your high quality content, there are great chances that these pieces of content will be linked to and will be circulated across the World Wide Web. This means that you would be able to gain a good reputation, yet still carry out with your goal of providing people with the various pieces of information that they need. Boosting your reputation will do wonders for you, as a business owner, and for your business as well.

Obviously, using the right SEO techniques will allow you to get through to the members of your target market. Since establishing a good relationship with your consumers is the best thing that you can do to see to it that they will constantly throw business your way, you should see to it that they do not only see themselves as consumers but as business partners. Using the right techniques will also allow you to build good rapport with the other members of your field. As long as you maintain your site to have the best quality possible, then you should have no problem in using search engine optimization for your benefit.

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