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Top 5 International Boarding Schools in Malaysia in 2017

August 25, 2017 EducationEducation GuidesLearning Life  No comments

Malaysia is among the top countries in Asia with the most number of international students. According to the ISC Research, there is a total of 170 international schools in Malaysia as of 2017. This comes as no surprise, as the demand for international schools in Asia continues to rise.

If you are planning to move to Malaysia and are looking for the best school for your kids, here are the five leading international schools to choose from:

  1. Marlborough College Malaysia

The school is one of the biggest international schools all over Malaysia. Located on a 90-acre estate in Iskandar, Marlborough College in Malaysia offers their boarding facilities to pupils in Year 5 and above. They aim to help their students develop meaningful and healthy relationships through their international boarding school.

  1. Nexus International School Malaysia

Operating since 2008, the Nexus International School prides itself with an Apple Distinguished School Award. The said recognition was given to only three schools in South Asia. Nexus is also the top option among many expats because it is located just 35 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Their boarding experiences include after-school activities, routine activities, and peer-to-peer camaraderie.

  1. Prince of Wales Island International School

POWIIS is dedicated to bringing the best of British education system into an authentic Malaysian context. Their boarding schools are known for having outstanding modern facilities. They assure that there are always domestic staff members available to help the students adjust to their new life outside the home.

  1. Cempaka International Ladies’ College

Founded in 2009, the CILC serves as the first private all-girls boarding school all over Selangor. This all-girls boarding school in Sepang currently has four boarding houses that comprise girls from all levels. The school follows the British and European educational system with a combination of rich cultural diversity of the region.

  1. Epsom College in Malaysia

The Epsom College, one of the oldest co-educational schools in Southern England, opened its Malaysia campus in 2014. Now the Bandar Enstek campus is successfully operating as a day school and boarding school. Boarding is offered to children aged 11 to 18, to prepare them for the world beyond their home. Each Boarding House has a study bedroom and communal areas such as kitchen areas, TV rooms, and laundry areas.

Have you chosen the best international boarding school for your child? We suggest you contact and make a visit to each of the schools listed above to help you make your decision!

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Get More Hotel Deals in Penang by Following These Easy Booking Hacks

August 21, 2017 Hotel  No comments

It’s no secret that hotel stays can be expensive, especially if you’re booking last minute. Hotels always have a sneaky way of emphasizing that there is only one room left, and you should book now. However, is that always really the case? Are there ways to get cheaper Penang hotel deals? Keep reading to find out more.

  1. Sign up to Booking Websites

This ensures that you’re always in the loop of things, and when prices drop you’ll get an immediate email! This certainly beats checking the hotel’s rates every day. Plus you can cross check and keep tabs on several hotels in Penang at a time.

  1. Stay up to Date on Coupon Deals

Coupons are the last thing many people will think of when planning a holiday. However, some hotels do have hotel coupon deals. These coupons will take you far if you can capitalize on them at the right moment.

  1. Use Your Miles to Book Your Hotel Room

The best time to do this is during off-season periods where rooms tend to be cheaper anyway. Using miles instead of cash to pay for your rooms will serve you well as you get to save quite a bit of cash to explore the Penang area.

  1. Find Membership Discounts Available to You

When planning a trip to Penang, you’ll want to look into every possible aspect that can lower your holiday bill. Joining travel organizations is one sure fire way of doing this. Most of these organizations will offer their subscribed members discounts. You’ll find that there are many deals that will enable you to save especially on accommodation.

  1. Call the Hotels!

This is something very few people actually ever do. After you’ve narrowed your hotel list, call each one and ask if they have any Penang hotel deals on offer at the moment. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that they indeed, in fact, have several promotions on offer.


Penang hotel deals abound regardless of the season. It just takes a bit of effort to find them, but when you do, they’ll be worth every minute you invested to find them. You’ll have a less stressful holiday, and potentially more money to spend and enjoy thanks to all the promotions and deals you found. Apply these tips the next time you’re planning a trip to Penang!

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Top 4 Tips to Getting Your Dream Architect Job in Malaysia

August 19, 2017 Job Application  No comments

Are you looking for an architect job in Malaysia but don’t quite know where to start? Here are the top 4  tips to help you land the job of your dreams.


  1. Take Time to Create a Winning Portfolio

Your portfolio is one of the most important aspects of your career as an architect. Being able to show potential employers the work you have done, or projects you have worked on is crucial in them choosing you. Let your portfolio speak for you. Let it be professional, and yet, personal.

All the work you did in university, any voluntary experience you have, or professional experience. Let it all shine through. Make your portfolio as authentic as possible, rich in your history, experiences, and architectural achievements.


  1. Distribute your CV, Resume, Portfolio Widely

Once you’ve put together your portfolio, your CV and or resume, it’s time to start dropping off copies. You can send your documents via e-mail to as many companies in Malaysia as you can. Seek online forums, and create links with people. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with potential employers.

Going to drop off your portfolio in person can also be a great way of making sure that the right person gets your documents. Drop your portfolio at companies that aren’t hiring – you never know when an opportunity may arise.


  1. Prepare Well for the Interview

Dress for the job that you’re interviewing for. No casual wear, no shorts, no open sandals. A suit and tie, well-polished shoes and neat hair will take you far. Remember first impressions count.

During the interview, don’t be afraid to speak confidently about your larger life goals, your aspirations, values and how you believe you are the right fit for the company.

Attend conferences and network with those in your industry. This will help you develop a sense of confidence, and you will be up to date with what’s happening in your field so that you won’t be caught off guard during your interview.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Change

There are so many disciplines in architecture; sometimes people believe that once they have chosen one, they only have to stick to that one. That’s not true. You may have chosen residential architecture as your forte, but this doesn’t mean you can’t explore other architectural areas. Apply for an architect job in Malaysia in another architecture discipline; you may be surprised that you are the right fit for that company.



Malaysia is a young country. There are millions still in need of adequate housing. There are hospitals, shopping malls, complexes, bridges still to be designed and built. Don’t lose hope on finding an architect job in Malaysia. Keep applying, and doors will open.

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