Fun without Food: 5 Ways to Hang Out without Eating

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Malaysians love to eat and it is one of the many activities that bring us together. But it can be stressful when planning where to eat (there are too many to choose from!). However, there are plenty of things to do with friends that do not involve gathering around a dinner table. Here are a few great suggestions;1

1)            Volunteer  Volunteering is always a good idea. You spend your time wisely by helping out the needy. There are plenty of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and nonprofit ones that dedicate their time and energy for the less fortunate such as the Kechara Soup Kitchen and Dapur Jalanan Kuala Lumpur. They always welcome volunteers to help out so be sure to ask them about the opportunities available.2

2)            Take a hike We mean this literally. There is no better way to unwind than to take off and leave the busy city for a moment of peace and tranquility. Experience the amazing tracks, incredible landscapes, and spectacular views. Popular hiking stops include Bukit Tabur, Bukit Broga, among many others.3

3)            Train for a marathon Running is a very popular sport, especially with the many marathons rampant these days. Although running can be fun to do with your friends, training for a marathon can be better! It is a great excuse to meet up a few times a week and everyone will be in great shape by the end of the program.4

4)    Go Zumba When thinking of working out, it always sounds exhausting and seems like a bad idea. But never a Zumba class! It is always a good idea to bring friends to a Zumba class. You and your friends can join Zumba classes in Malaysia, dance the calories away, have a great time, and motivate each other to accomplish each other’s fitness goals.5

5)            Pamper yourselves You can go and get yourselves a relaxing massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, or get your hair done. Just take a day off to treat yourself for a day at the spa. If you are on a budget, you can easily do this at home. For example, you can make homemade masks and paint each other’s nails while watching old movies.

The next time you are planning to go out with your friends, check out these options other than going to the newest cafes or hottest restaurants. This way you add variety to your activities and you even strengthen the bond with your friends as well.

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Top 5 Tips To Break Into Business Development Path

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A solid business development is one of the most crucial aspects that will determine the growth of a company and help gain traction. Due to the competitive landscape, you need to be fully-equipped with good credentials and a string of soft skills and hard skills, in order to rise to the top. Find out the five best tips to break into the business development path in Malaysia:

  1. Meet the basic requirement

For those who are keen on business development, one of the easiest ways for you to break into the industry is to gain some knowledge or experience in corporate sales or finance. For an entry-level position, the minimum requirement is a BS or a BA. For senior or upper management positions, an MBA might help, though you must have at least five or more years of working experience in sales or business development. In some cases you can skip all of these and start from the bottom by undergoing an internship, provided you have some knowledge and skills. If you aim to work at high-tech companies, it’s best to have a technical background.

  1. Have solid soft skills and hard skillsYou must always come fully-equipped with the right soft skills and hard skills in sales and marketing sectors

To survive and thrive in the competitive landscape, you must always come fully-equipped with the right soft skills and hard skills. The seven skills you must always have if you want to work in business development are: business sharpness, computer skills, strategic analysis and research skills, project management skills, negotiation and persuasion skills, collaboration skills, and communication and interpersonal skills. If you’re solid in these skills, you’ll go places.

  1. Get your foot in the door: internship

Whether you have a formal qualification or not, an internship could do wonders in paving your career path in business development. You get to learn the basics hands-on, such as gaining sponsors, creating marketing collateral, and forming partnerships with other companies, organizations, or institutions; and see whether you’re the right fit. If you excel during your internship, you’ll have more doors open for you, like getting a promotion as an assistant or a junior executive.

  1. Be on the lookout for new opportunitiesGet your foot in as intern in sales and marketing job and be on the lookout for new opportunities

While interning, always keep your eyes and ears open. Try to mingle and network whenever you can. Also, if you’re visiting a business conference or event, talk to other exhibitors or participants. A lot of times the best employment opportunities are the ones that aren’t advertised. Ask for a company’s contact and hone your elevator-pitch info.

  1. Reach out to the founders

Sometimes being bold makes you stand out in a positive light. Reach out to the founders of companies you’d like to work at. If done right, you may even be offered an amazing position by the company’s founder. Be tasteful when reaching out to them, and make sure it’s the right timing. Let them know of your missions that align well with the company’s.

Bear these tips in mind when you’re looking for sales & marketing jobs in Malaysia. If you lack any of the basic requirement or skills, find an alternative and look for ways to up-skill yourself. Though having a formal qualification could help you get in the door, it doesn’t completely determine your success in paving a career path in business development, as there are many others who break into the industry without a formal education. It all boils down to hard work.

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All About Accounting – The 5 Best Industries in Malaysia to Work in as an Accountant

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Businessman Using Calculator

Every industry needs an accountant, mainly because every business operates with the goal of making a profit. In order to make the most of available funds, and to maximize returns, companies hire accountants to manage whatever finances flow in and out of their enterprise. In Malaysia, accountants are always in demand, and that makes it easy for fresh graduates to find their place in the overwhelming world of employment. However, not every industry will give you the best experience or pay rate. Wondering which niche to explore in Malaysia as an accountant? These 5 options are your best bet.

  1. Automotive Rentals – In some parts of Malaysia, transportation can be limited. For instance, Kuching – one of the main business districts of the country – operates without a train system. This can make it tough for commuters to get around, especially without a car. Because of this heightened need, ride-sharing applications have boomed in recent years. Many companies that offer the service are now seeing a steady surge in demand, and of course, with that comes great opportunities for eager accountants.
  2. Digital and Internet-Based Services – Malaysia is gearing towards more advanced tech solutions in an effort to follow global trends. With more emphasis placed on online methods of sales and marketing, digital solutions service providers are enjoying a lofty place in the Malaysian economy. That’s why these days, when you go out to look for accounting jobs in Malaysia, many of them will revolve around managing finances for online services.Accounting jobs in digital and internet based services in Malaysia will revolve managing finances
  3. Mining – One of the top providers for tin products worldwide is Malaysia, and that’s why the mining industry has always been among the top performing in the economy. While it can be a challenge, the mining industry also offers great benefits, experience, and salary rates for accountants willing to take on the struggle. As an accountant, it will be your responsibility to make sure that all overhead costs are kept at a minimum, to bring down the cost and to catch the attention of international buyers.
  4. Tourism – It’s no secret that Malaysia is one of the hottest vacation and tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, and that won’t change any time soon. There are two peak seasons in the Malaysia tourism industry. These are in summer, when many families go out for vacations; and in December, when people from places with colder climates go out to look for sunny skies. By working as an accountant for a travel agency, it will be your job to manage overhead, and to come up with promotions and discounts for eager travelers.
  5. Real Estate – Many people looking for property investments often look yonder to Malaysia in search of prime estate options. Plus, with condos and apartments becoming more and more available, buyers are becoming more willing to make purchases, thanks to the affordable costs. In this industry, accountants can enjoy a busy yet fulfilling role, coming up with prices, and working hand in hand with real estate enterprises, to bring the best deals for both sellers and buyers.Accountants job can enjoy a busy yet fulfilling role in real estate industry

Being an accountant can be a challenge, but working in the right industry can make it all worth it. Check out these 5 Malaysian industries, find your niche in the world of accounting, and bring yourself one step up on your climb to career success.

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7 Creative  Outfit Ideas for an Outdoor Pre- Wedding Photoshoot

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Weddings are life changing events and its therefore, it’s really important to capture the magic of your wedding so that it can be remembered for generations to come.

One aspect that’s going to define your wedding are the pre-wedding photographs. So, here’s your chance to really get creative and show your individuality by having pre-wedding shoots that truly stand out. One way of doing that is to pick  outdoor pre-wedding outfits that represent you perfectly. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Ethnic Costumes Try to custom make your traditional outfit and incorporate elements that represent your family’s heritage and roots. For example, if you’re of Peranakan Descent, put on a lace Kebaya top and batik sarong. It would be even better if you wore a Kebaya borrowed from your mum or grandma. The whole idea is to weave your personal heritage and family memories into the outfits.

92f8c5d6cf88de26ff6b73b508cd1a03Flouncy Summer Midi Dress Go easy breezy with a flared midi skirt made of light materials like chiffon or cotton. Keep the colour monochrome and get your partner to match up. Men can also go smart casual, with a shirt worn with khaki shorts or jeans.0986daee757ff985aeeea8bda5a1e59a

One Piece Maxi Dress The more flounced the dress is, the better its dramatic effect in photographs. Just make sure the dress you choose can flow with the wind and doesn’t look like its weighing you down. Maxi dresses should preferably be paired with high heels.nordstrom-work-look-2

Casual Jeans Pick a three quarter denim blue jeans and pair it with a plain white top and sneakers for that ultra-casual effect. It will look great in pictures as you’re at your most relaxed.all-black-outfit-sporty-outfit-leather-leggings-sneakers

Sporty Outfits if you and your partner are fans of any sports or outdoor activities, it would be a good idea to throw on those workout shorts for a sports themed shoot.kendall-and-kylie-jenner-kendall-and-kylie-fashion-line-launch-party-01

Go Glamorous  Glamorous evening gowns are just for studio shoots. They work well outdoors too. All you have to do is ensure that the gown you choose is simple in design without too many sequins or shiny accessories, as you need it to blend in with the natural outdoor surroundings.1

Cosplay Costumes Because, why not? Do you and your partner share a common interest in a movie, game or TV series? Why not immortalize your fandom by dressing up as your favourite characters and having a themed shoot, which will definitely wow everyone.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding photoshoot in Singapore, you’ll have to do your research well. Choosing a photographer who understands your needs thoroughly is the first step in getting your dream pre-wedding pictures.


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Why Staying in Boutique Hotels Can Make Your Bangkok Trip Better

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Image result for Why Staying in Boutique Hotels Can Make Your Bangkok Trip Better

Travelling to Bangkok? The city offers plenty of amazing accommodations from luxury chain hotels to designer boutique hotels that you can choose based on your budget. If you’ve always stayed at a typical chain hotel, why not do something different and experience staying at a boutique hotel while you’re in Bangkok? These are the five good reasons:

  1. Intimate and cozy atmosphere

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Since boutique hotels are smaller in size and capacity compared to large chain hotels, it makes for a private and cozy atmosphere which is perfect for travelers who prefer a more relaxed surrounding. The quiet space offers you peace of mind, and could also be a source of inspiration if you’re the creative type.

  1. Unique architecture

Image result for Unique architecture hotel bangkok

Most boutique hotels are designed by talented designers with their own individual flair. It’s not surprising if the hotel you’re staying at is an award-winning hotel. This makes for a great photo-op during your stay. If you’re a home décor enthusiast, you could walk around and take a leaf out of the hotel’s interior design and architecture for inspiration.

  1. Knowledgeable and helpful staff

Image result for Knowledgeable and helpful staff

The local staff are knowledgeable about the city and the district and will be more than happy to give you insights and guidance should you need to visit a place.

  1. Strategic location

Image result for Strategic location hotel in bangkok

A lot of boutique hotels are in strategic locations, particularly in the heart of the city. This gives you ease and access to explore the big city without worrying too much about getting from point A to point B, plus other issues. Such hotels are often located near or within a tourist attraction. For example, staying at a hotel in Chinatown Bangkok allows you to experience local culture, learn about the heritage, and shop for the best deals all in one place.

  1. More intimate and personalized services

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Some boutique hotels may also provide less strict rules for their guests, like bringing in pets or smelly fruits indoor. In other words, your personal needs are given more attention compared to if you’re staying at a chain hotel. Because boutique hotels are smaller, you’re also likely to develop a more personalized relationship with the hotel owner or staff, making your stay more meaningful.

In a nutshell, when you stay at a boutique hotel, you’ll experience a kind of hospitality and services that are distinctive and unique to that particular place, that you can’t have elsewhere. Whatever the hotel offers to its occupants, it simply can’t be replicated in other places. There are so many boutique hotels to choose from in Bangkok that will cater to different travelers and budgets.

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5 Creative Strategies to Develop Effective Workplace Leaders

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As the life of your company progresses, you should encourage your employees to improve and grow. Rank and file workers will soon become managers, and managers rise up to become executives – it’s just the way the workplace operates. Of course, before you can entrust greater responsibility to your employees, you need to make sure they’re ready to take on the challenges that come with higher ranking leadership positions. If you want to make an effective leader out of each one of your employees, be sure to put these 5 effective strategies into action.


  1. Designate Weekly Leaders – Most workplaces delegate the responsibility of lower ranking leadership roles to a single worker at the grass roots level of the organizational chart. This particular employee is tasked to oversee the operations of rank-and-file workers and to provide reports on weekly performance. Instead of having just one person to hold responsibilities, have weekly rotations per within teams so that everyone gets to experience how it’s done.


  1. Encourage Team Performance Discussions – At the end of every work shift, have different teams and departments within the company huddle up to summarize the work day that has been. Have different members pitch in their thoughts and think about ways to improve performance in the days to come. You can also encourage them to devise strategies that they believe will work best for their team so they’re constantly given the chance to think as leaders.


  1. Provide Leadership Training Seminars – Everyone should have an equal opportunity at a promotion, so be sure you equip all of your employees with the necessary tools they need in order to secure higher ranking leadership roles. Plan leadership training seminars a few times every year and organize simulated activities they can perform to test their leadership skills and knowledge.


  1. Promote from Within – Hiring new talent to fill in higher ranking positions can completely squander any efforts your employees might make in order to rise through the ranks. To develop leadership skills in your workers, choose to promote existing employees instead of taking on new recruits. Consider the use of employee engagement data to see who’s worthy and ready of a new job title to help you make the right pick.


  1. Delegate New Tasks – Are your workers ready to take on bigger leadership responsibilities? Because opportunities for promotions can be hard to come by, you can try delegating new tasks to top performing employees to help them continue their career development, thus become more adept at the duties of their job. By entrusting greater responsibilities on them, you show that you trust their ability to handle bigger tasks and that you want them to continue progressing as workplace leaders.


Effective leaders are the biggest asset any company can have. Make reliable, trustworthy, and efficient leaders out of your talent by getting creative with your leadership development strategies.

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